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Tuesday 10.30.12 — October 30, 2012

Tuesday 10.30.12

1. Clean & Jerk

1×5 heavy 80-95% (125-150)

2. Front Squat

1×1 heavy 80-95% (155-180)

2×2 moderate 75-80% (145-155)

3. 4 rounds for time

5/3 muscle ups

10 pistols

15 bj (24/20)

Clean & Jerk 1×5 at 135.  by round 3 I finally started leaning back on the clean and it went up easily.  This is clearly my biggest hurdle at the moment.  I’m so worried about the hip drive that I’m leaning over too far. 

Front Squat 1×1 worked up to 175, 2×2 at 155

wod: 18:20 … failed on only 3 mu’s.  failed on 3 pistols.  This was a bit slower than I would’ve liked, but I’ll take it.  I singled all the mu’s.  also started with feet on the ground with elbows extended.  Need to work on lifting the rings off the floor and working scapular retraction to hold myself up.  

Monday 10.29.12 — October 28, 2012

Monday 10.29.12

1. OHS

1×1 heavy 80-95% (110)

2×2 moderate 75-80% (95)

take no longer than 2 min between sets

2. Back Squat

1×1 heavy 80-95% (175-195)

2×2 moderate 75-80% (160-175)

take no longer than 2 min between sets


5 rounds

10 deadlift@225/155

9 hspu

all three parts should take you about one hour if you are on point. 

OHS worked up to 95.  shoulder didn’t feel amazing, so stopped there.  BS 1×1 at 195, 2×2 at 175.

DL/HSPU wod: 10:16, all DL unbroken. no failed hspu attempts.  Didn’t force my head thru at the top to protect the shoulder but locked out elbows everytime.  1st round, 9 straight, 2nd 5,4, 3rd and 4th sets of 3, last round, 4, 2, 1,1,1.  good wod and first time doing hspu since shoulder injury in Aug.  🙂

Sunday 10.28.12 —

Sunday 10.28.12


Airdyne Sprints

15 seconds on, 15 seconds off (off means slight movement)

20 seconds on, 20 seconds off

25 seconds on, 25 seconds off

8 min total time x 2 (5 min rest in between sets)

This was beyond sucky!  First 8 minutes got 97 calories, second set, 92 calories.  At 6 minutes I wanted to quit badly.  This is something I am going to do at least once a week.   After sprints did 3 rounds of scapular retraction and 45 second planks to work shoulder stabilization strength and core strength for squats and snatches.  

Saturday 10.27.12 —

Saturday 10.27.12


30 Clean and Jerks for time (135/95)

Last year at Barbells for Boobs:  3:23.  This year: 2:32……BAM!  That’s progress!  My goal was sub 3.  Would’ve been happy with 2:59.  I was at 1:37 with 18 reps in.  Decided to single everything at this point so I kept moving.  Good decision, but next time should be able to do some 2’s and perhaps get down below 2!  🙂  Best training day of the week!  Now let’s rock and roll.

Friday 10.26.12 —

Friday 10.26.12

1.  Snatch grip DL, heavy 1 rep x 2

2. Max effort FS

Worked up to snatch grip DL of 205 with big hip drive x 2.  Felt good about this.  FS didn’t feel so great.  Quads were smoked.  Did 175×2.  Called it a night.  Didn’t want to mess up Grace tomorrow! Going for sub 3!

Wednesday 10.24.12 — October 24, 2012

Wednesday 10.24.12

choose a WOD


3 rounds

50 dbl-unders

30 wall balls

7 muscle-ups


3 rounds

50 dbl-unders

30 wall balls

15 toes to bar

First day doing mu’s since I injured my shoulder in August.  Got 2, then started failing miserably.  Switched to ring dips and ring rows.  Those didn’t feel so great either today which is odd…ring dips are on my wheelhouse list.  Chocked it up for still feeling tired from milford comp this passed weekend.  Not sure how long this wod took, but finished it and went home.  

Tuesday 10.24.12 —

Tuesday 10.24.12

1.  On the odd minutes sprint 100 m

2. On the even minutes, 2 power cl, 2 hang squat clean 105

The wod was supposed to be 2 squat cleans at 115, but my back was still sore from garage games this weekend, so opted for lighter weight, but more volume.  Good Choice!!!  Got the heart rate pumping!  Was much faster, however, when michele and matt joined me for the sprinting part at 10 min in.

Tuesday 10.16.12 — October 17, 2012

Tuesday 10.16.12

One day I will have this flexibility!!!!

1. 2 rep max OHS

work to a heavy 2, not a max

2. 2 athletes, one goes then the other

20 power snatch 75/55

20 box over box

3. as a team, 2 people work for first 8 min

30 sec sprint air dyne bike, 6 rounds each

go for max calories

first time ohs since injury from ohs’s.  worked to 105.  this is my biggest challenge with this weak scapula, but starting (FINALLY) to get the hang of squeezing my scapula and forcing my armpits out.  On one at 105, went down internally rotated….killed shoulder….came back up, squeezed scap, and went for 2.  no problem!

power snatch/bj: 1:47

air dyne sprints:  315 calories for the team  –  this was extraordinarily sucky!!!!!

Monday 10.15.12 —

Monday 10.15.12

My first ever FINAL WOD!!! 🙂

1.  ME back squat

2. In teams of two 135/95

75 pwr cleans

55 front squats

35 shoulder to OH

worked with michele.  sets of 7 for pcl, i finished last 5.  sets of 10 for front squats, no issue.  sets of 5 for oh.  started out push pressing then switched to jerks.  8:14   Matt and Nick finished 8:13.  🙂  Pretty close team!

Hip/TFL was in spasm mode from crossfit kids cert so only worked to 135 for 5 on backsquat.  Not worth risking injury for this weekend.

Sunday 10.14.12 — October 14, 2012

Sunday 10.14.12

I had the pleasure of attending the CrossFit Kids certification this weekend at CrossFit New England.  Thank you to the amazing staff, Heather Bergeron, Kelly, Keagan, and Erik, for all your support and knowledge.  I can NOT wait to get our program started at CrossFit Newton.  Olivia will FINALLY have a place to really do a WOD instead of along side on the turf while the rest of the class is happening.  =)