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Fit and Fabulous over Forty!!!

Friday 11.30.12 — November 30, 2012

Friday 11.30.12

1. Power Snatch

3 sets of 1 as heavy as you can go today with a slight drop under the bar.  Don’t push the weight since this is first time snatching in 3 months.

2. 3 rounds

15 OHS @95/65

15 toes 2 bar

If weight feels light, go up.

Power snatch worked up to 85 lbs.  90 didn’t feel so great, so went back down and hit 85 a few times.

WOD: scaled down to 55 for OHS so I could keep my shoulder in good position.  Really focused on squeezing my scapula together.  THAT was a totally different feeling and some people even commented about my new upper thoracic extension!  YAY!


Thursday 11.29.12 — November 25, 2012

Thursday 11.29.12

1. 4 rounds

run 400

40 dbl-unders

15 burpees

2. Deadlift

4 min to eastabish your heaviest double

There is no rest between WOD 1 and 2

I did this wod yesterday so couldn’t do the DL.  Got 18:53.  Very slow.  ALmost got hit by a car on 2nd 400.  Chased by a dog on 3rd 400.  Wore shorts so needed to change into and out of a jacket each round…that slowed me down significantly.  Not to mention that my forearms and triceps were just smoked from yesterday MU practice, ring dips and c2b.  All in all a complete disaster!  😦  Hoping for better wod on Friday.  

On a better note, I received my brand new BSC compression pants….SOOOOOOO excited to wear them for Friday’s wod. 🙂

Tuesday 11.27.12 —

Tuesday 11.27.12

A. 3 rounds

3-5 muscle-ups

15 kbs@53

B. 3 rounds

15 bjob@20

10 dl@170

C. 3 rounds

15 wall balls

15 ring dips

There is no rest between WOD A, B or C

45 min of bar mu practice first.  definitely not the best idea before this wod.  started at rings for the wod, got 3 mu and wanted to die.  The rest was so hard.  grip was SHOT!  Ring dips were brutal b/c my shoulders were spent.  wall balls were great to the 9 foot target.  PHEW!  C2B instead of mu were impossible after first round of 10.  had to switch to ring rows.  basically today was an epic failure!  😦

Monday 11.26.12 —

Monday 11.26.12

1. Clean and Jerk

2 reps OTMEM for 10 min@85-90% (135 – 145)

if you feel good, go heavier.

2. Back Squat

5 sets of 2 heavy 80-95% (175 – 210)

20 reps of c&split jerk at 135.  Needed to rest a bit more in between but really happy with these split jerks at this weight.  Looking forward to getting up the big weight!

Squats: 185, 205 (1), 195, 195, 195, 195.  This is about 90% of 1 rpm.  I’ll take it!

Friday 11.22.12 — November 23, 2012

Friday 11.22.12

1. Overhead Squat

5 sets of 2

2. “Swedish fish”


row for calories

front squat@75


OHS felt great at 95, but horrific at 105.  My midline was all over the place. WTF? I’m starting to get annoyed.  I’m going to go back down and really work the 95 lbs for a while, then go to 100, then 105.  I really need to get this in check.

WOD felt amazing!  did all FS unbroken (with slight rest in the front rack position) and split the pu’s in half each time.  round 1, 15 and 6.  round 2, 9 and 6.  round 3, 5 and 4.  Finished in 7:15!  BAM!  that felt good.  Thanks CFGC for letting me annihilate this wod at your box!  🙂

Wednesday 11.21.12 — November 21, 2012

Wednesday 11.21.12

1. deficit hspu

skill work

2. amrap :45 x 4 x 3

KBS@53 amrap :45/:15 rest

Wall Ball@14 amrap :45/:15 rest

toes to bar amrap :45/:15 rest

rest 2 min

complete 2 more rounds

15 deficit HSPU with two 45lb plates on each side and 1 ab mat in about 3:30.  I’d say that was a 4 inch deficit.

wod, round 1 – 51, round 2 –  47, round 3 – 42.  The wall balls were the deciding factor for this wod for sure.  I couldn’t get more than 1o in any round.  The 10 foot target is just miserable for me.  I also didn’t put my oly shoes on which was a huge mistake.  It was like doing thrusters barefoot for me.  Toes 2 bar were on point.  I got just about 20 for the first 2 rounds and 15 ish for the last one.   Shoulder continues to feel great!  woo hoo! Thanks to Dr. Nate!

Tuesday 11.20.12 — November 19, 2012

Tuesday 11.20.12

1. muscle-ups

complete 5

concentrate on speed in your transition

2. Deadlift

3 sets of 1 @80-95% 1rm

3. “Like Christine”

3 rounds

50 dbl-unders

12 deadlifts@155

21 box jumps@20

5 mu buy in was VERY hard after all the rope climbs yesterday.  I didn’t time it, but I was there for at least 15 minutes and I failed a few times in between all the reps.  In addition, all the mu’s today my right arm came over and then my left.

DL: 255, 275, 275, the 275 were SUPER slow and shaky.  Kind of disappointing, but I think yesterday was a contributing factor of this weakness in hamstrings.

wod: 9:25, this was a LUNG burner!  Was only able to do the first round unbroken.  After that, I split everything in half, including the du’s.  But, I kept moving even though I couldn’t breathe AT ALL!

Monday 11.19.12 —

Monday 11.19.12

One of my crossfit heros, Stacey Kroon

1. Front squat

2×2 heavy 80-95%

2. clean/rope


power clean@135


rope climb

Front Squat:  2×2 at 155  This was feeling really heavy today for some reason.  😦

wod:  15:25, Pwr cleans at 135 seemed like the easy part of this wod.  The rope climbs on the 4th and 5th round were BRUTAL!  But, didn’t fail on any reps of either movement.  I wish I didn’t have to sit and look at the rope for so long on some rounds.  I was just worried that I would go up and not hit the top.

Saturday 11.17.12 — November 14, 2012

Saturday 11.17.12

Team Choose the Wrench, GG Milford 2011
Kevin Daigle (far right) fastest burpee-er I’ve ever seen!

“Iron Man”

100 burpees

run 1 mile

80 squats

run 800

60 ring rows (Did 15 kipping pu’s b/c forearms were just shot)

run 600

40 ttb

run 400

20 hspu

Came in from last 400 m run with a couple minutes left under 40 minutes, but the HSPU got the best of me.  I just had nothing left in me to kick for the kips.  Last HSPU was at 43:25, but my feet came off the wall.  30 sec later decided to give it one more kick just for integrity sake, so 44:10 at that point.  Toes to bar were my wheelhouse in this wod for sure.  I nailed those!

Friday 11.16.12 —

Friday 11.16.12

1. Push Press

3 rm

2. Snatch pull


3. row


rest 1 min between sets

3 rep max effort:  worked up to 140.  Could’ve gone higher, but was getting a bit tired, so decided to stop there.

Snatch pull: 3×3 at 125….this felt really good.  Kind of light and my 1 rep max pwr snatch is 120.  Maybe I will get higher after my shoulder is healed!  🙂

Row pace:  1:52.3, 1:51.6, 1:52.0, 1:55.8, 1:53.3….mary said stay between 1:50 and 1:55…  Thanks Mary for the goal.  It helped a LOT!  🙂