1.5 x bodyweight DL

1 x bodyweight bench

.75 bodyweight squat clean


Scaled bench to .75 bw on gil’s suggestion.  

These are my weights:

DL: 225
Bench: 112
Sq Cl: 112

My time was 46:20. I’m not gonna lie, this was absolutely brutal. The first set of 10 Dl were unbroken, every other round I split in half. That DL was HEAVY, but I managed to get it done each round pretty quickly. The Bench was mostly unbroken and it was basically the rest every round. But, what I wasn’t prepared for was how tough the squat cleans were going to be. They were absolutely RELENTLESS! I had to single each one b/c my hammies were so smoked from the DL. Many times I had to pace around the gym to get the blood moving in the back of my legs. tuff, tuff!

although my time was not stellar, I feel pretty accomplished for keeping my head in there on this one. I wanted to barf on the round of 7 and didn’t know if the DL was going to go up after that. But it did! Big win!!!

After watching the video above and the times of the ladies on here, I don’t feel quite so badly about my time!  😉