CFN new graffiti

1. Back Squat

max effort

2. muscle-ups

practice for 10 min

3. WOD

amrap 10

10 db thrusters@30lb

10 ring rows

Everything about today was perfect!  Hit 95, 135, 185, 205, 220 BS (5 lb PR).  Went for 225, but got stuck about 1/4 way up.  That’s ok…next time!  Then mu practice went well!  Pulled the rings up so that I was not flat footed on the ground.  Forced me to do the kip from a full hang.  Got 1 or 2 kinda yucky ones, then got probably the BEST muscle up of my life.  Fluid, strong, perfect position for the kipping ring dip.  Just perfection!  

Wod got just under 6 rounds…..5 plus, thrusters, plus 7 ring rows.  That didn’t feel so good.  My abs were on fire during the db thrusters and my body was very upright.  I need to do this much more often!  🙂 BIG WIN TODAY!