Team Choose the Wrench, GG Milford 2011
Kevin Daigle (far right) fastest burpee-er I’ve ever seen!

“Iron Man”

100 burpees

run 1 mile

80 squats

run 800

60 ring rows (Did 15 kipping pu’s b/c forearms were just shot)

run 600

40 ttb

run 400

20 hspu

Came in from last 400 m run with a couple minutes left under 40 minutes, but the HSPU got the best of me.  I just had nothing left in me to kick for the kips.  Last HSPU was at 43:25, but my feet came off the wall.  30 sec later decided to give it one more kick just for integrity sake, so 44:10 at that point.  Toes to bar were my wheelhouse in this wod for sure.  I nailed those!