1. deficit hspu

skill work

2. amrap :45 x 4 x 3

KBS@53 amrap :45/:15 rest

Wall Ball@14 amrap :45/:15 rest

toes to bar amrap :45/:15 rest

rest 2 min

complete 2 more rounds

15 deficit HSPU with two 45lb plates on each side and 1 ab mat in about 3:30.  I’d say that was a 4 inch deficit.

wod, round 1 – 51, round 2 –  47, round 3 – 42.  The wall balls were the deciding factor for this wod for sure.  I couldn’t get more than 1o in any round.  The 10 foot target is just miserable for me.  I also didn’t put my oly shoes on which was a huge mistake.  It was like doing thrusters barefoot for me.  Toes 2 bar were on point.  I got just about 20 for the first 2 rounds and 15 ish for the last one.   Shoulder continues to feel great!  woo hoo! Thanks to Dr. Nate!