1. Overhead Squat

5 sets of 2

2. “Swedish fish”


row for calories

front squat@75


OHS felt great at 95, but horrific at 105.  My midline was all over the place. WTF? I’m starting to get annoyed.  I’m going to go back down and really work the 95 lbs for a while, then go to 100, then 105.  I really need to get this in check.

WOD felt amazing!  did all FS unbroken (with slight rest in the front rack position) and split the pu’s in half each time.  round 1, 15 and 6.  round 2, 9 and 6.  round 3, 5 and 4.  Finished in 7:15!  BAM!  that felt good.  Thanks CFGC for letting me annihilate this wod at your box!  🙂