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Friday 2.28.13 — February 28, 2013

Friday 2.28.13


There is a 4 min rest between A, B, and C

This will be the last big WOD before the open. Make it good.

amrap 7

20 wall balls

20 dbl-unders


amrap 7 

15 burpees to a target

15 kbs@53/35


amrap 7

10 toes to bar

10 box jumps@24/20

The last 3 weeks have really been pure hell for me.  I have not done well with the volume or the intensity.  I have, at times, felt like quitting crossfit and/or the team for regionals many times.  My mu’s were struggling on sat and on tuesday they were near impossible.  I hope that my trainer can turn this around b/c right before the open is not the time I need to be lacking in motivation or confidence.  😦
Not gonna complain about this wod.  Goals were to remain calm and collective and to get 5 rounds, 4 rounds and 6 rounds.  Ended up with 4+12, 2 reps shy of 5, 3 reps shy of 6.  That was pretty spot on!!!
wall balls to 9 foot target.  10 foot just wasn’t in my future today.  😦  Let’s pray for 9 foot target for the opens.
Monday 2.4.13 — February 5, 2013

Monday 2.4.13

12 rep max

touch and go power cleans

push press

1x1x1x1x1  15 sec in between reps

5 rounds, 3 min rest between rounds

warmed up with 95, went to 115, felt fairly heavy so just went with this number.  Was hoping for 125, but whatever.  It’s been a long time since I did high rep power cleans and my neck is still a factor.  That was evident on the push presses.  Right arm was lagging in the push.  85, 95, 105, 100, then quit….was starting to fail and couldn’t rerack it b/c my anterior delts were still FRIED from Friday.


Saturday 2.3.13 — February 2, 2013

Saturday 2.3.13

5k row

not for time

23:00 (I think)…that is 1 minute 50 seconds off my best time.  oh well.  horrific end to a horrific week! 😦  Looking forward to switching gears to rehab mode.  Meeting for one on one yoga later today and heated 1 hr yoga class at 7:30 tomorrow morning.  I hope they both go better than crossfit has been.

Friday 2.2.13 —

Friday 2.2.13

a. 21, 5, 9

DL 155

ring dips

b. 1 round

25 burpees

5 rope climbs

25 burpees

use weight vest if possible

c. battle ropes

10 together, 10 alternating, 10 together, 10 alternating x 5 rounds

part a was a disaster.  struggled thru the 21, 15 round basically doing ring dips with my left arm only.  switched to ring push ups for the set of 9.  that was the same, one arm only.  part b gil told me that it would be “very hard” so I told him I would do the first set of burpees without the vest, then put it on.  It wasn’t that hard and should have just trusted myself and worn the vest the entire time. 9:20  part c just sucked all around, but got thru it.  managed to go from on movement to the next on last couple of rounds once I figured it out.


Thursday 1.31.13 — February 1, 2013

Thursday 1.31.13


max snatch grip push jerk

1 rep max OHS

12 min amrap

3 FS at 75 lb

3 T2B

6 FS




worked up to max OHS of 125!  This is the most I’ve been able to do well since my shoulder injury in August.  woo hoo!  (don’t tell my chiropractor!!)

wod: finished 18’s and got 7 front squats into the 21’s.  I’ll take it.  Rest of gym did OHS in place of FS, but Nate would’ve KILLED me if I did ohs in wod.  🙂