a. 21, 5, 9

DL 155

ring dips

b. 1 round

25 burpees

5 rope climbs

25 burpees

use weight vest if possible

c. battle ropes

10 together, 10 alternating, 10 together, 10 alternating x 5 rounds

part a was a disaster.  struggled thru the 21, 15 round basically doing ring dips with my left arm only.  switched to ring push ups for the set of 9.  that was the same, one arm only.  part b gil told me that it would be “very hard” so I told him I would do the first set of burpees without the vest, then put it on.  It wasn’t that hard and should have just trusted myself and worn the vest the entire time. 9:20  part c just sucked all around, but got thru it.  managed to go from on movement to the next on last couple of rounds once I figured it out.