This is the MOST inspiring thing I have ever seen!!!  Jenny Lebaw ROCKS….period!

This should all be able to be done within an hour if you are efficient with your time. If you did the Open WOD yesterday you may take today off or do as much u feel comfortable with.

1. Warm-up

4 rounds

5 chest to bar pull-ups

10 box jumps@24/20

10 toes to bar

rest 1 min between rounds

everything should be unbroken if possible

2. clean

2 on the min for 10 min@80%

3. amrap 7

7 sdhp@95/65

7 thrusters@95/65

7 pull-ups

Warm up was intense!!!  🙂  Tried to push it and practice stepping down quickly from the box jumps.  Worked well.  did all ctb and ttb unbroken (altho some ctb didn’t hit…boooo….).

Cleans: worked up to 135, did 8 rounds with 3 failed lifts.  feeling those 100 lb snatches on these for sure.

WOD:  2 reps shy of 5 rounds.  thrusters didn’t start off well after the cleans.  wrists were bothering me a bit.  did all movements unbroken, which was my goal for this wod.  🙂