1. Power snatch balance

establish a heavy 1

Worked up to 85.  I really suck at this movement.  It’s so uncomfortable with my lack of mobility.  Very obvious that I need to do this MUCH more often.

2. hang power snatch

2-2-2-2-2/rest 2 min

Go by feel. Heavy.

65, 85, 95, 100, 100, 100  One of the 85’s and 100’s went clear over my head.  My first attempt at 100 dropped in front.  This movement is also SO hard.  I just can’t go much heavier without being able to drop or pull from the floor.

3. 10 rounds of cindy

5 pull-ups (NO BUTTERFLY)

10 push-ups (chest to deck)

15 air squats

11:50, all unbroken.  Goal was sub 12.  🙂  I was pretty impressed by my push ups.  I was a round a minute thru 6 rounds.  Last 4 rounds I had to push hard thru reps 7-10.  A couple times I rested in the plank position.