1. Jerk Practice

1-1-1-1-1-1/rest 1 min

practiced wider grip on the jerk and WOW what a difference.  Was finally able to get my head thru!!!  95, 115, 125, 125, 135, 135

2. Push press

3×3@120-125#/rest 2 min

120 x 3…felt VERY heavy today

3A. pull-ups

10-12 reps x 4/rest :15 sec

10 butterfly, then 5 butterfly/5 kipping for the other 3 rounds….shoulders were SMOKED from day before and the jerks/pp’s

3B. handstand hold

:30 seconds x 4/rest :15 sec

try to get your head through

ridiculously hard to hold this with my head thru.  also my lower back was smoked 

3C. kbs

20 reps unbroken x 4/rest 3:00

this was a bit painful with my lower back so lit up.

19:20 total time including all rest