1A. Overhead press

10-10-10-10/rest :20 sec

75, 85, 95, 95 (for 8)

1B. Strict Pull-ups

4-12 x 4 sets/rest 2 min

7, 7, 7, 7

As usual, use a partner or coach to assist you in your pull-ups. Try to get at least one forced rep during each set. Example: If you can do 5 pull-ups, not 6, then get someone to help with the sixth one. At least do 4, even if someone has to help you with them all.

2A. Barbell bench press

5-5-5-5/rest :20 sec

105, 125, 135, 145

on your last set do a max set of push-ups right after finishing the bench press.

16 max reps push ups with close grip, elbows in tight push ups….that’s new for me!  🙂  thanks Gil for making me have much better pushups!

2B. bent over row(underhand grip)

8-8-8-8/rest 2 min

95, 105, 105, 125

Make sure your back is just above parallel and doesn’t change position at all when pulling the bar. The elbows should be able to travel right outside the body. Pull from your elbows, not your hands. Make sure you squeeze your shoulder blades together. Don’t go too heavy so you’re not able.

3. Row

250 x 3@100%/rest 2 min

Didn’t do this today b/c I’m training with Stacey tomorrow.  YAY!