swim mu

1. Snatch cluster

1-1-1-1 x 3/rest :20 sec/rest 3 min

95, 105, 115 (only actually hit one of these.  2 went over my head, 1 in front….rough snatch day!)

2. Back Squat

Heavy single

230!!!!!!!  5 lb PR again this week

3. back rack reverse lunges

3 sets of 10/rest 2 min.

Do a warm-up set.  Use the last two sets you did last time for the last two sets here. If you can go heavier do so.

95 for all sets.  these were very hard for me.  felt like I was using my back foot way too much.

4. Pause good mornings

3 sets of 5/rest 2 min.

as heavy as possible

rest 2 seconds at the bottom of the movement

85, 95, 105 (forgot the pause at the bottom! 😦  )

5. AMRAP 5

row 500 meters

20 burpees over the bar

max front squat in the remaining time@95

I had NOTHING left at this point.  Got only 10 fs, in about 40 seconds.  Not my best showing!