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Wednesday 8.21.13 — August 21, 2013
Monday 8.19.13 —
Saturday 8.10.13 — August 11, 2013

Saturday 8.10.13


Ian Berger, O-Side Crossfit….one of the sickest athletes in the NorthEast Region

4 rounds

row 20 calories

10 hspu

rest 2 min

airdyne 20 calories

2 rope climbs

rest 2 min

run 200 with a plate@45/25

20 wall balls

40 dbl-unders

rest 5 min

1 hour and 7 min to complete this wod today.  Happy to say I got all HSPU unbroken, and last 2 rounds of du unbroken with super good form.  I’m getting BETTER!!!!!  🙂

Keeping the faith that Ian Berger makes an appearance at Garage Games!!!!! 🙂

Friday 8.9.13 — August 10, 2013

Friday 8.9.13

1. Good Mornings

3 sets of 5/rest 2 min

the 3 sets should be at the same weight and very heavy. Make sure you keep a flat back. Don’t sacrifice weight for movement.

65, 85, 105

2. heavy sled drag(dragging behind you)

50 yards x 3/rest 3 min

all 3 sets should be very heavy. Last set the heaviest.

5, 6, 7 plates (328, 373, 418 lbs)

3. AMRAP 8

7 power snatches@95/65

7 burpees over the box jumps@24/20

7 toes to bar(if you feel like you are gonna tear do v-ups)

4 rounds plus 10, went unbroken on snatches for 3 rounds, then 5,2 and 4,3, unbroken TTB and BBJ….good little competition with andrew on these….beat him by 1 rep in the end.  LOVE competing with him.  He pushes me beyond my limits!  🙂

Thursday 8.8.13 — August 8, 2013

Thursday 8.8.13

HRV number: 74, ORANGE ZONE

Average HR: 60


1 non false grip mu EMOTM for 5 min

got all 5 for the first 5 min with no failures.  Asked Jack if I could get two linked….his response “yeah, why not?”  SO I DID!!! 😛

Post WOD, got 2 more in a row.  went for 3, but failed. then went for 2 more and failed…called it a night!


1 clean, 2 jerks x 5

95, 115, 125, 135, 130 (man, my jerks get ugly at 135!  Really need to focus on this for the forseeable future.)

BS 3×3 at 75% of 1rm

175 x 3


3 rounds:

10 C&J 95

run 200m

6:32….thanks to Sam and for running ahead of me and pushing me to move my ass!  lol!

Tuesday 8.6.13 — August 6, 2013

Tuesday 8.6.13

Tomorrow is a rest day :)

1. Front squat

Heavy single

2A. front squat

3 sets of 3@75%/rest :15 sec/2 sec pause at the bottom

2B. Pull apparts

15 reps x 3/ rest 2 min

3. once through

sled pull 50 yards@328/225(running backwards)

30 deadlifts@225/155

sled pull 50 yards@328/225(running backwards)

75 dbl-unders

HEAVY SINGLE FS: 200!!!!!!!! 10 lb PR!  Been waiting for this number for a LONG time!  🙂

Pause FS with 175….sitting in the hole was a challenge.  I actually go really deep and pausing makes me stuck there.  It was difficult to get out of, but really see the value in this for me.  🙂

6:22 on wod….DL was great, DU were not so great.  My form on the DU were good, but I couldn’t string more than 20-30 in a row.  I was a bit more winded than I wanted to be.  must keep practicing.  

Monday 8.5.13 —

Monday 8.5.13

dani mu at games

Dani Horan from Champlain Valley CrossFit

HRV score:  64, finally in the green zone after being sick for a week.  🙂

Average HR:  59.8

1A. Squat Snatch

5 – 5 – 5/rest :15 sec

drop the bar between each snatch. Pick it up right away.

1B. Chest to bar Pull-ups(not strict)

(W 5-10)-(M 10-20) x 3/rest 2 min

If you are still working with pull-ups do those, not chest to bars. 

2. 3 rounds

row 250

15 kbs@70/53

20 burpees

15 kbs@70/53

row 250 meters

rest 6 min

This should be fast.

Snatches were all over the place…behind me mostly.  did 75/8, 85/8, 95/8.  95’s were the best of the lot.

WOD:  5:20, 5:22, 5:21….all unbroken, slow on burpees.  felt good about my times.  Kept row between 1:58-2:05 mostly.

Sunday 8.4.13 — August 4, 2013
Saturday 9.3.13 —

Saturday 9.3.13

Top Row, 3rd from the left, Navy Seal, Brian R. Bill....RIP Buddy!!!
Top Row, 3rd from the left, Navy Seal, Brian R. Bill….RIP Buddy!!!

31 Heroes WOD

8 thrusters 105/155

6 rope climbs

11 box jumps 24/30

while partner is running with plate 25/45

I did this wod with David Williams today.  He started with the run, while I started with thrusters.  Every round I ended up with thrusters and a couple rope climbs.  This was BRUTAL since we did about 6 rounds, so I did 8×6 thrusters = 48 – 1 that david did.  UGH!  hard day!!!

Friday 9.2.13 —

Friday 9.2.13

HRV Score: 64

RED ZONE AGAIN….calling for rest day….I can’t rest again!  😦

3 rounds

airdyne 30 calories

15 power cleans@135/95

10 box jumps over the box@30/24

55 dbl-unders

rest 3-4 min

This wod didn’t go very well.  I was hacking up my lungs from being sick AND puking up my lunch b/c I had just eaten less than 2 hours before.  NOT GOOD!

6:34 (this one may have been a math error….at first I had 9:34….lol), 5:34, 6:02….I am much better than this!