1. Jerk or Push press from the rack

Take 12 min to build to a heavy single. Doesn’t have to be a max.

95, 115, 125, 135 (f and hit my leg…ugh!), 135 AGAIN, 145, 150, 155, 160 (PR!), 165 (fail, but SO close!!)

2. 3 rounds

row 500

10 shoulder to overhead@115-155/85-105

20 chest to bar pull-ups or pull-ups

18 min cap

Little disappointing not finishing this wod.  Had 10 ctb left.  Used 105 for this.  PP’d the first round in 5, 5.  2nd round did split jerks b/c my shoulders were SPENT.  3rd round tried to pj, it was ok….not the best b/c I was wearing nano speeds.  oh well!  Even though I was VERY disappointed with this wod, I can’t forget that I worked on jerks for like 45 minutes.  Definitely a large factor I’m sure.  Also, first time doing any pullups since my shoulder has been a bit of a mess….about 3-4 weeks.  Not too shabby, I guess, considering.  

If chest to bar pull-ups are slowing you down switch to pull-ups. After the row, bringing the bar up to the shoulders is gonna be a surprise. Don’t forget to get under it. Do this workout calmly. You shouldn’t be sloppy at any point. If you are slow down a bit. I don’t want you to go to failure at any point.