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Wednesday 1.1.14 — December 30, 2013

Wednesday 1.1.14

1. Back Squat

5 x 5 at 75% (165)

tough, but went well, I think!

2. 5 rounds

10 front rack lunge steps (clean up with non dominant hand)

15 box jumps (20″)

rest 1 min after each round

1:00, 1:01, 1:00, :58, 1:00 (i think)  This was a gasser, but felt great.  I was able to keep bj pace throughout.  Hoping to do this wod without rest next time.  🙂

Tuesday 12.31.13 —
Monday 12.30.13 —

Monday 12.30.13

annie clean pull

1. Back Squat

3 sets of 65% (145) x 10

these turned out to be a LOT harder than they sounded.   But I got through it fairly unscathed.  😉

2. Clean Pull

3 sets of 1,1,1 @ 110% (175)

rest 2 min between sets

I love heavy clean pulls!!!

3. Power Clean Clusters

3 sets of 1,1,1,1 @ 95lbs

rest 2 min between sets

damn knurling at equinox….ouchy.  Need to tape up that bar i think in the future.

Pull aparts

3 sets of 10-12

these actually felt a bit easier today.  did 3 sets of 12!  woo!!!

Sunday 12.29.13 — December 29, 2013

Sunday 12.29.13

Rest Day!!

Went to Long Island to pick up my munchkin!!  We went to bed about 10 and woke up about 8:30am….guess I caught up on my sleep!  🙂

Looking forward to my wod tomorrow at equinox.  I think I’ll take advantage of the RX mobility class and the steam room.  🙂

Saturday 12.28.13 —

Saturday 12.28.13


So, I’m tired of being injured and not doing regular wods with everyone, so I bit the bullet and joined Equinox in Chestnut Hill.  I’m excited to do some wods on my own without the pressure of these injuries.  My hope is to keep up strength and get a change of pace while I rehab this shoulder.  Hopefully, the gym doesn’t think I’m nuts!!!

3 rounds

10 DL at 185

20 wall balls

30 du

rest 3 min between rounds

each round was between 2:30 and 3:20ish a round.  I got barely any sleep last night, so I felt that as soon as I started.  Weird doing a wod by myself, but I’ll get used to it soon (I hope!)

Sunday 12.1.13 — December 1, 2013

Sunday 12.1.13

Excited for this seminar coming in January to CFN!!!  Just in time for the open!  =)

Snatch Practice

worked on set up, bar path (full extension) and dropping quicker under the bar.  65, 75, 85, 95, 105, and failed a couple times at 115.  Today was not going to be a heavy day, but I was ok with that.