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Sunday 3.2.14 — February 23, 2014

Sunday 3.2.14

CF open’s – game day  🙂

wod 14.1

30 du

15 snatches at 55

5 rounds….horrific!

Here’s the video proof of just how bad it was.  I’m basically doing tuck jumps the entire time.  I have to fix these du’s.   I only got 3 rounds b/c I got a phone call.  Gotta fix that next time:

Saturday 3.1.14 —
Friday 2.28.14 —
Thursday 2.27.14 —
Wednesday 2.26.14 —

Wednesday 2.26.14

30 sec. on AD @ 85% effort
30 sec. on aD @ 50% effort
x30 sets
completed….301 calories.  This was a total mind game this morning.  😦
5 minute amrap @ 80%
8 wall ball, 16#
8 burpees
8 double unders
4 rounds plus 2 wb….I felt the 30 min AD wod on every wb.  😦
rest 5 minutes
10 minute amrap @ 90%
5 pull ups
10 PS @ 75#
10 GHD sit ups
4 rounds plus 5 pu and 5 ps….split up all PS into 5/5 tng, all else ub
rest 5 minutes
5 minute amrap @ 100%
5 no push up burpee box jump, 20”
5 PC @ 95#
5 rounds even….I felt like I was moving in slow motion on this one.  I rested at the top of all the pwr cleans, which was good, but I was just moving slowly.  
Tuesday 2.25.14 —

Tuesday 2.25.14

A.  PS complex (mid thigh, top of knee, below of knee) @ 75% x 1 x 3
85 lbs….went up easy.  still tentative on my shoulder but getting there.
B.  Hang power Clean – EMOM complete 3 reps and build by 10 pounds each set.  Start @ 60% of 1 RM PC build to a heavy triple
Started with 105….got up to 155.  I failed on the first attempt at 155, but waited 15 seconds and got right back at it.  🙂  
C.  Weighted pull up – max
Worked up to 20 lb kb.  Tried for 22.5, but didn’t feel amazing on shoulder so settled for 20lb.  
@100% effort
400m row
12 burpees over the erg
21 G2O @ 65#
rest 15 minutes bt. sets x 2 rounds
Round 1:  4:30
Round 2:  4:20
Monday 2.24.14 —

Monday 2.24.14

A.  FS @ 75% x 3 x 5 sets
worked up to 135 and did all sets at that.  A little higher than 75% but it felt a little too easy at that percentage.  🙂
B.  Snatch pull @ 90% x 2 x 2, 100% x 1 x 2
First set at 105x2x2, second at 120.  These felt really great.  Hard on my upper back, but getting easier.
C.  Pendlay row x 8 x 3 sets
All sets at 105.
10 minute amrap
5 pc @ 65#
5 thrusters @ 65#
10 calories on AD
Not gonna lie, I did NOT want to go back to the gym tonight after working all day, meeting afterschool with the kids about the prom, then grad class til 7:00pm.  But, I really wanted to work on pacing and see what I had in me for this wod.  Unfortunately my phone died so I couldn’t video it.  I think you would’ve been proud, Jay.  I broke up all rounds like this:  4 pwr cleans…slow and steady.  dropped bar for 2-3 breaths, then re-cleaned and went right into 5 thrusters.  slow and steady.  walked to AD and took 45-50 sec to finish this.  Ended round 1 around 1:30.  Took 10 seconds to compose myself and get in some air, and continued this way until I hit 8 minutes.  At no time did I feel gassed.  Every round was the same pace until 8 when I pushed it.  took no break between pwr clean and thruster and sprinted 100% on AD.  Had about 10 seconds left, got the last set of 5 pwr cleans in to finish with 6 rounds plus 5 cleans.  🙂  Pretty happy about this!  🙂
Saturday 2.22.14 — February 16, 2014

Saturday 2.22.14

A.  Snatch; 75% x 2 x 3
After all the heavy snatch and clean pulls yesterday, my back was SMOKED!  I couldn’t get under the bar for full squat so I opted to do power snatches instead at 85 lbs.
B.  squat clean thruster – build to max in 10 minutes
I couldn’t figure out how to do a squat clean thruster since external rotation limitations are not allowing me to get all my fingers on the bar at the bottom, so to improvise, I did a squat clean then popped it up at the top to wrap fingers around then did a push press.  The right shoulder is still weaker, but got up 125.  This is about 25 lb under my former 1 rep max sq cl thruster, but I’ll take it for today.  🙂
rest 10 minutes
5 minute amrap
squat clean thruster @ 75% of B
Weight for this was 93 lbs.  As I described above, I was popping up and regripping then doing a pp.  This worked fairly well to get it oh.  My goal was to pace it at 4-5 a minute. Overall goal was 22.  I think I got 22!  🙂
rest 15 minutes
12 minute amrap
10 DL @ 100#
20 air squats
30 double unders
6 rounds plus 10 dl and 11 air squats.  I tried to work on pacing for this one so I didn’t burn out.  Felt pretty good.  Tried to breathe on squats so I could do all du unbroken.  Felt decent on those.  DL got heavy relatively quickly….surprising.  
Friday 2.21.14 —
Thursday 2.20.14 —