A.  Power Snatch; 2 singles @ 70% x 4 sets (80)
These felt pretty great today…kinda light actually.  Here’s the last vid of these:
B.1  Clean pull @ 110% x 3 x 4 (181)
B.2  Jerk x 2 singles x 4 sets (115, 125, 135, 145?)
This clean pull at 181 felt heavy as SHIT!  The jerks didn’t feel amazing, so I only went up to 115.  This is so disappointing….my old max is 165.  😦  We don’t have our jerk boxes yet and catching it in the front rack really hurts my shoulder so I dropped and recleaned.
10 TnG DL @ 135#
90 sec. row sprint @ tough effort
rest 2 minutes x 3 rounds
This wod was a LOT more challenging than it appeared.  My back was definitely tired from the heavy FS yesterday, so i played it safe and wore a weight belt.  EAch round was 2:00 give or take a second and my row distances were 397, 398, 396 at a 1:50-1:51 overall pace.
7 TnG hang power cleans
7 burpees to target 6” over reach
60 sec. row sprint @ tough effort
rest 2 minutes x 3 rounds
I really did NOT want to do this wod after all this other stuff, but I pulled it together.  All cleans were at 95 (i was just too tired to do 105) and kept row pace at 1:51ish.  Burpees were just steady pace, not a sprint.  Total time for Rounds were 1:51, 1:53, 1:54 and total distances were 268, 268, 270 respectively.