A.  Clean grip DL + clean from mid thigh and below knee; working @ 70-75% x 4 sets
Started with 115, then added 5 lbs to get to 120 for last 3 sets.  These felt real good today.  Video below:
B.  Snatch balance x 1 + OHS x 2 x 3 sets
This movement is really challenging on my shoulder, so I decided to work on form only with just the bar.  Here’s the video of the set at 35lb:
C.1  Front rack axle walking lunge steps x 10 x 3  (85lb)
C.2  seated hand over hand sled pull x 60 ft. x 3
85 lb axle front squats and sled pulls with 85 lb. on sled.  tough effort.
FS @ 80% of 1 RM (140)
rope climb
Did this wod with 140.  Did round of 8, 4 and 2 ub, split the 6 into 4 and 2.  10:20 total time.  Tough wod, but felt pretty successful moving this heavy weight today. got the first round and a bit of 2nd round before vid cut out.