TRX hanging lat stretch and breathing focus
forward wall slides
wall angels
side lying db. ext. rot.
abwheel roll outs
A.  Clean pull + clean + PJ; 70% x (1.3.1) x 4 sets
Did all these at 115.  It felt heavy today.  First time doing pj on my shoulder.  I never do these, so it was awkward.  My elbows were down low today.  Not sure what was up with that.  Probably why it felt so damn heavy.
B.  OHS; 22×1 x 4 x 3 sets
65, 75, and 80 on these.  I watched video of the 75 lbs and realized that my bar path was over the front of my foot so I squeezed my scapula together.  Seemed to help.  Here’s both vids on that:
C.1  strict HsPU work off box x 6-8 x 3, rest 60 seconds
C.2 CTB pull ups x 12-15 x 3, rest 60 seconds
These were a hard pairing.  DIdn’t warm up on ctb at all again and they were shit for first round.  I gotta stop doing that!  Was able to do 6/10, 6/10, 6/10 each round.
5 minute amrap
squat clean thruster @ 105#
I was absolutely dreading this wod after all this work today.  But I finally reasoned through this and did  it like a cluster, one lift every 20 second.  Came out with 15 exactly with 4 seconds to spare.  Not stellar, but this has been a super intense shoulder week.  I gotta cut myself a break after all this shoulder volume.