Warm Up
TRX hanging lat stretch and breathing focus
quadruped t-spine rot.
side lying T’s
dead bugs
lat mashing w/ pvc
trap 3 raise
rear delt raise
A.  Snatch pull + PS + OHS @ 75% of PS max x 3 sets (90)
These felt SO good today.  I’m getting kind of excited.  Here’s the video of my last set:
B.  PC + squat clean – off blocks @ 70-75% of x 3 sets (115-120)
Today was the first time I have ever done these so I think I need to spend a LOT more time at the lower weights before going up to 70-75%.  The video was so awful I don’t want to even post on here, but I’ll work on this movement.  
C.  3 x 10 strict HSPU – use a box or physio ball (ball is harder).. make sure you are in upright pike position – rest 2-3 minutes bt. sets
First round was unbroken, 2nd and 3rd were split into sets of 5/5.  Hard for sure!
12 minutes –
250m row
20 burpees
50 double unders
I had to leave and go to chiropractor in between the strength and the wod.  That threw me off for sure.  He also adjusted my ankle which was affecting my du.  Got through 2 rounds plus 250 row and 20 burpees at 12 min mark.  Not so great.  Definitely tired from yesterday.