A.  Clean pull + PC + FS + HPC; 70-75% x 4 sets (125)

worked up to 4 sets at 125…these all felt really great and I had a much improved front rack position, more external rotation.  I think this was from seeing amy yesterday.  🙂
B.1  Snatch grip DL x 3 x 3 @ 105% of snatch max (125)
B.2  Strict Shoulder press x 2 x 3 

did all sets of DL at 125 and did presses at 95, 100, 100.  Again, was able to hold entire bar in my hands instead of letting go at the top.  Much improvement!  Felt a little weaker on the right still, but getting better.
25 kb swings, 55#
50 burpees
25 kb swings, 55#

6:19….ub kb, ub burpees, 15/10 last set of kbs.  solid i think!