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Saturday 6.28.14 — June 22, 2014

Saturday 6.28.14

5 stations x 3 rounds (take 60-90sec between stations)
-As best as possible., lock out elbows and
externally rotate hands. You’re trying to create separation between straps and arms. We want to avoid laying forearms on to straps as much as possible.
2) STRICT TEMPO DIPS ON DIP BAR OR BOX (1 rep): -5 seconds descending. 5 second hold at bottom
of dip, as fast as possible on ascending. (55X0) -Head stays up with eyes fixed on point on horizon. -Hips stay in line with torso. If you need to bend
legs, bend from the knee, but keep hips open. Ideally, try to work with whole body vertical throughout.
3) ANGLED RING TURN OVER DRILLS (10 reps); -Hang rings slightly below chest level
-Place feet firmly on ground directly underneath
wear rings are hanging.
-Hang on to rings and lean back (locked out
elbows and knees. Body should be in nice hollow shape).
4) L HANG HOLDS ON BAR (20 sec):
-hanging in a false grip, w/ locked out elbows,
bring legs up to horizontal and hold.
-Torso stays vertical. Legs together and tight.
Toes are pointed as tight as possible.
need to work on these…they were a bit impossible at this moment.  did regular false grip hangs from the rings for 20 sec.  need to work up more time.
-Set rings 1ft off ground. Settle into plank
position, focusing on creating hollow shape as best as possible. NO butt up in air or sinking hips. Fight the hollow shape. As best as possible, externally rotate rings, similar to rotation seen in RING SUPPORT HOLDS.
60 minute run or row
30 min AD, 15 min row, 15 min AD…that’s all i could do.  didn’t want to run or row.  😦  looking forward to day off tomorrow!
Friday 6.27.14 —

Friday 6.27.14

A.  Tall Muscle Snatch + hip snatch (3+2) x 5… nothing over 50%

Tried to focus on bar path today with this movement.  Seemed to help tremendously.  Stopped swinging out in front and was able to pull my knees up to get under the bar.  🙂

B.  Power Clean Waveload; – rest 2 minutes – go off feel, and they should be TnG
I think I went a little light on these.  4×125(70%), 3×130(75%), 2×140(80%), 1×157 (90%), 3×140(80%)….have all on video.
C.  Strict Shoulder press x 2 reps on the 60 seconds x 6 sets
Sometimes I wish I was never strong in this movement b/c then I wouldn’t be disappointed every  single time I do strict press. Thinking about where I was to know is so depressing.  85×2, 95×2, 100×2, 100×2, 100×2, 100×2
3 rounds
20 thrusters, 55#
20 burpee up and over box jumps, 20”
750m row
This wod was SO shitty I couldn’t believe it.  25:00 min flat.  Did 20 thrusters UB, then 10/10, then 10/5/5.  Rowing felt slow after all the burpee box jump overs.  Couldn’t row anything much faster than a 2:10.  Kinda sucky!
Thursday 6.26.14 —

Thursday 6.26.14

A.  Snatch; complete 8 reps @ 80-85% (92-98)
6 reps at 95 then moved up to 100.  1 failed attempt, but got 2 after.  🙂  Finally into triple digits!  No shoulder pain at all.  YAY!
B.  FS; 88% x 2 reps x 4 sets (155)
All sets at 155.  Not super easy, but not super hard either.  Hoping to get up to my old PR soon.  
C.  BS @ 50% @ 5 sec. down + 10 sec. hold in bottom x 1 rep x 3 sets – rest 2 minutes bt. efforts (115)
Man, what a difference lighter weight makes.  I was able to get considerably lower in the bottom.  Excited about this that’s for sure.  
7 rounds – not for time
5 strict T2B
3 strict pull ups w/ 2 sec. hold up top
5 strict HSPU
I can’t do strict ttb well enough to get up there so decided to scale this movement with an elevated bench.  pu’s went well.  scaling hspu to 24 inch box.  this vid is of 3 rounds so you can see form.
Wednesday 6.25.14 —
Tuesday 6.24.14 —

Tuesday 6.24.14

A.1  Clean RDL to knee @ 70% x 5 x 4, rest 30 seconds (115)
A.2  Box jumps (high) x 5 x 4, rest 2 minutes
Used 115 for RDL and 27 inch box. it’s been a while since i’ve done high box jumps…need to get my sea legs back for these.
B.  Power Clean + Clean pull under + jerk (1+2+1) x 5 sets.. go off feel here
now i see why you said “go off feel”…my back is junk from yesterday.  105 felt like 155.  backed off to 85 and 95 for this.
C.  Strict HsPU x 8-10 reps x 3 sets – rest 90 seconds
moved the box up to the 24inch side.  all along I’ve been doing 20inch.  much harder but feeling stronger in this movement.
30 db power snatch; 50# *alternating
30 S2O @ 65#
30 wall balls, 14# to 10 ft.
30 burpees to target 8” over reach
Didn’t think snatch weight was a lot different from left to right.  Legs were burning around rep 15.  Did s2o in sets of 10, but took too long of rest in between.  Same for WB.  Definitely feeling yesterday’s wod on my arms, but pretty happy overall with this wod time.
Monday 6.23.14 —

Monday 6.23.14

A.  BS; 60% x 10 reps x 3 sets (138)
All 3 sets at 138….not easy, not too hard.
B.  Half kneeling land mine press x 5/arm x 4 sets – rest 60 sec. bt. arms (25)
completed with 25lb on bar.
C.  Snatch pull under x 3 x 5 – hold each catch for 3 sec. in the bottom
These didn’t feel super good.  weight was very forward.  then again, it was really light….45 lb
10 rounds
1 legless rope climb
3 weighted pull ups @ 10#
5 strict pull ups
35 double unders
COMPLETED!  It took a LONG ass time, but I got them all.  Last legless rope climb was 4 inches from the top.  Arms went straight.  This happened in one of the other rounds and I was able to pull back to bent arms, but by the 10th round, I was done.  GOOD DAY!
Saturday 6.21.14 — June 15, 2014

Saturday 6.21.14

50 tGU – @ 24#… 25/arm…

completed with 25# kb…first time finishing all 50!  Took a while, but got it done.

60 sec. run @ 97%
rest 4 minutes on the erg @ 50% effort
x5 rounds


300 double unders for time  😦

10:31….i was just spent.  did sets of 20 with considerable rest in between.  not my best effort.  oh well!

Friday 6.20.14 —

Friday 6.20.14

A.  Tall muscle snatch + hip snatch (3+2) x 4

hit all these at 55 lbs.  felt ok

B.  Power Clean Cluster; x 3, rest 10 sec., rest 2 minutes @ 75-80% of max PC

hit all these at 133…felt solid

C.  Strict Shoulder press x 2 reps x 7 sets
70%, 75%, 80%, 80%, 83%, 83%, 80%, 80%

87, 95, 100, 100, 103, 103, 100,Left to right imbalances getting better.  

14 minutes on the clock
50 cal row
40 T2B
30 wall balls, 20#
20 thrusters, 55#
amrap RKC kb snatch @ 35# in remanding time.. alternating every 3 reps per arm

34 reps of kbs, but had to scale KB to 25#…Just didn’t have the form right at 35#.  😦  Next time!

Finished Row at 3:10, 10/8/7/5/5/5 for ttb, broke wb’s into 5’s at 9foot target, these felt amazingly easier than before, thrusters in sets of 5 (arms were a bit dead), then did 3 rounds of both arms of kbsnatch, rested for 15 sec or so, then went til time ended in 6th round.

Thursday 6.19.14 —

Thursday 6.19.14

A.  Snatch; complete 12 reps @ 75-80% (85-95)

I had my shoulder worked on by massage therapist last night so decided to stay at 75% for all of these.  Felt good…shoulder feels a lot better after she worked out a bunch of crap in my sub scap.  I need to be on this muscle a lot I think….may be the route of a lot of pain.   Here’s the first and last video:

first rep:  

last rep:

B.  FS; 85% x 3 x 8 sets

performed all sets at 148.  this was HARD, but I kept at it.

first set:

last set:

C.1  DB strict Shoulder press x 5 x 4 sets (30?)
C.2  Weighted pull up x 5 x 4 sets (10?)

started DB press at 20, then went up to 25, 25, and 30 for last set.  I should have been doing 30 the entire time.  the other weights were too easy.  I took vid of a set at 25 and with the weighted pu here.  Did 10 lb kb for all weighted pu.  Was really stoked about this!!!  FINALLY getting some strength back.

5 rounds – not for time….
5 strict HSPU – work full range here (off box)
5 strict T2B
5 strict CTB (banded?)

This was stupidly hard for me.  I did all strict HSPU on a box ub in a pike position.  the ttb were all singles and my grip felt horrible on these.  I got 1 strict ctb pu then had to use two thin bands to get anymore.  I was totally spent from the weighted pu.  This took me like 40 min to finish.  rough….rough! 😦

Wednesday 6.18.14 —