A.  FS; 83% x 3 x 7 sets

All sets at 145.  Here’s a video of my form.

B.  Drop Snatch x 3 reps x 5 sets @ 55-60% https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLUEXameEkw

this felt terrible!  I felt very tight in the shoulders tonight.  Form was shit.  Obviously need to work on these a LOT!  Worked up to 65 lb then brought bar down badly on back of neck which hurt my shoulder pretty bad and called it quits.  😦  First vid is the failed attempt at 65, second one is a mess at 55lb.

C.1  rope climb x 1 (legless if you can) x 4, rest 30 seconds
C.2  Weighted pull up x 3 x 4, rest 30 seconds
C.3  strict pull up x 7 x 4, rest 2 minutes

This part was HARD, but I feel pretty successful.  Got all rope climbs legless, but had to kip a LOT more as the rounds progressed.  I did weighted pu with 5 lbs.  Was not able to do 7 strict pu in one shot, split the first two rounds into 4/3, 3rd one into 3/2/2, last one as all singles.  Real rough, but really happy I stuck with it and got all the legless rope climbs.