A.  Tall Muscle Snatch + hip snatch (3+2) x 5… nothing over 50%

Tried to focus on bar path today with this movement.  Seemed to help tremendously.  Stopped swinging out in front and was able to pull my knees up to get under the bar.  🙂

B.  Power Clean Waveload; – rest 2 minutes – go off feel, and they should be TnG
I think I went a little light on these.  4×125(70%), 3×130(75%), 2×140(80%), 1×157 (90%), 3×140(80%)….have all on video.
C.  Strict Shoulder press x 2 reps on the 60 seconds x 6 sets
Sometimes I wish I was never strong in this movement b/c then I wouldn’t be disappointed every  single time I do strict press. Thinking about where I was to know is so depressing.  85×2, 95×2, 100×2, 100×2, 100×2, 100×2
3 rounds
20 thrusters, 55#
20 burpee up and over box jumps, 20”
750m row
This wod was SO shitty I couldn’t believe it.  25:00 min flat.  Did 20 thrusters UB, then 10/10, then 10/5/5.  Rowing felt slow after all the burpee box jump overs.  Couldn’t row anything much faster than a 2:10.  Kinda sucky!