A.  BS; 60% x 10 reps x 3 sets (138)
All 3 sets at 138….not easy, not too hard.
B.  Half kneeling land mine press x 5/arm x 4 sets – rest 60 sec. bt. arms (25)
completed with 25lb on bar.
C.  Snatch pull under x 3 x 5 – hold each catch for 3 sec. in the bottom
These didn’t feel super good.  weight was very forward.  then again, it was really light….45 lb
10 rounds
1 legless rope climb
3 weighted pull ups @ 10#
5 strict pull ups
35 double unders
COMPLETED!  It took a LONG ass time, but I got them all.  Last legless rope climb was 4 inches from the top.  Arms went straight.  This happened in one of the other rounds and I was able to pull back to bent arms, but by the 10th round, I was done.  GOOD DAY!