A.1  Clean RDL to knee @ 70% x 5 x 4, rest 30 seconds (115)
A.2  Box jumps (high) x 5 x 4, rest 2 minutes
Used 115 for RDL and 27 inch box. it’s been a while since i’ve done high box jumps…need to get my sea legs back for these.
B.  Power Clean + Clean pull under + jerk (1+2+1) x 5 sets.. go off feel here
now i see why you said “go off feel”…my back is junk from yesterday.  105 felt like 155.  backed off to 85 and 95 for this.
C.  Strict HsPU x 8-10 reps x 3 sets – rest 90 seconds
moved the box up to the 24inch side.  all along I’ve been doing 20inch.  much harder but feeling stronger in this movement.
30 db power snatch; 50# *alternating
30 S2O @ 65#
30 wall balls, 14# to 10 ft.
30 burpees to target 8” over reach
Didn’t think snatch weight was a lot different from left to right.  Legs were burning around rep 15.  Did s2o in sets of 10, but took too long of rest in between.  Same for WB.  Definitely feeling yesterday’s wod on my arms, but pretty happy overall with this wod time.