A.  Tall Muscle Snatch + hip snatch (2+2) x 5 sets

worked up to 55 lbs today.  happy with a 10 lb increase.  

B.  3 position power clean; EMOTM x 8 minutes — building off feel

built up to 70% which was 123 (girls bar).  this got super challenging around the 5th set.

PC @ 95#
burpee box jump, 20”

9:26….horrific wod!

rest 5 minutes

10 rounds for time
5 CTB pull ups
5 wall balls, 14#

11:12….also horrific….many “I hate Jay Leydon” mumbled under my breath!  Was able to do all ctb ub which is a big thing for me for so many rounds.  

rest 5 minutes

5 minute AD @ 80%

61 calories….woof….sweat fest today!  Now on to some chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and cherries!!!!