A.  BS; 70% x 3 reps x 7 sets @ 23×1 tempo

135, 145, 145, 145, 145, 150, 150 

On acupuncturist recommendation, I took out the heal lift in my oly shoe and inserted an arch support instead.  He’s convinced that the heal lift is contributing greatly to my tendonitis in the knees.  Suprisingly, I was able to do the pause back squats better and with greater glute/ham activation on the ascent.  YAY!  

B.  Push press x 70% of max x 4-5 reps E2MOTM x 8 minutes

Worked all sets of 4 at 113.  Kinda happy with how this went for reps.  🙂

C.  C&J off blocks over knee (1+2) x 3 sets @ 70%

Worked here at 113 as well.  Felt much better than last time using the blocks.  Jerk looked better with wider front rack position.  Need to angle my back foot toe inward next time.  Out of practice for sure on these.  

legless rope climb to ft. feet
20 bb front rack lunge steps @ 75# bt. each set

21:51….I did all legless rope climbs without failure, but took a long time in between to make sure I could get it.  I also did lunges at the end of every round, including the last round.   I was not rushing through this wod, again, b/c of fear of failure.  I will get this time down as I get more practice with these.  Overall, pretty freaking happy!  🙂