Gymnastics Warm up 3

1) WALL WALKS (4 rounds x 7 reps)
-complete to full handstand position with each rep
-90 sec rest between rounds

These have always been one of the most challenging movements for me.  I’m not going to start with 7 reps, but I will get these.   Focused on really getting full handstand at the end of each one.  Did 3 rounds of 4.

2) MAX RING DIPS (3 rounds)
-3 min rest between sets here
-no kipping. Keep head and chest neutral and always stay conscious of hitting that bottom position.
-hip angle stays open (at 180) the entire time


First go at these didn’t keep my head neutral so did a second set.  worked with 5 reps x 3 sets.

3) PLANK PARTNER PUSH DOWN (3 rounds x 1 min)
-start in either push up position or on elbows and find
solid hollow position.
-have partner push down on your lower back area for
the required time.
-they should push as hard as possible where hollow
shape can stay intact. If lower back shape weakens, have
partner ease up.
-1 min rest between rounds.

Did not have a partner so did 25 lb plate instead.  Tough!
-kick up with partner spotting. Accumulate 2
minutes in the least amount of kick ups possible.
-if you have access to any kind of soft surface (panel
mats, yoga mats, etc., please use them.
-have partner spot so his stomach if facing athletes
back. Partner holds around both calves equally. Step
down when you get tired.
-keep track of the time and write down how long it
takes to accumulate 2 min.

No partner so did strict hspu practice…maybe not the best idea after all this other stuff.  got 3 and then got mad!
-6 rounds of L-Sit holds. 20 on/20 of. Do with partner is
-Make sure that you are rotating with your partner as
quickly as possible. Clock doesn’t stop.
-Will start getting hard very quickly, so do your best to stay
in extended L position. If you need to tuck, do it, but keep
working towards being fully extended.

Did 6 sets of 10 seconds with perfect L sit form.  Will work to increase this time.

10 minute row warm up
3 minute row @ 80%
2 minute rest
6 rounds
10 minute cool down

This was a disappointment today.  Warmed up, got thru 3 and 1/2 rounds and my back was just smoked.  I had to stop.  Did a 10 min cool down on the AD and called it. Not my finest day. 😦