Gymnastics Warm Up Day 2:


-whole body is working together on this drill. Don’t allow
the towel drop to floor.
-elbows stay locked out the entire time.
-watch toes on the front part of the swing to generate
maximum power.
-STRICT MU (2 reps x 5 sets)
-attempt linking them up if you can.
-take as much time as needed between sets.
-if this isn’t possible have partner spot around the hips
through the entire skill. Partner will assist as much as
-RING SUPPORT HOLDS (20sec hold x 3 rounds)
-good position. rings turned out, head and chest neutral.
legs tight and together, locked out elbows.

spent the day at CFM.  Fun, hard day!

A.  Snatch; 70-80% for 10 reps

worked at 85 for these.  jay told me to get my knees out of the way and use my elbows more.  continue to struggle with both of these.

B.  C&J; 70-80% for 10 reps

Worked at 115 for these.  Felt solid in clean and jerk.

C.  Front Squat; 70% of clean x 5 reps E2MOTM x 8 minutes

115 for these…felt relatively easy.
3 rounds –
8 T2B
400m row
10 burpees over the erg
15 thrusters, 65#
50 double unders
rest 4 minutes bt. rounds… switch up the order each time

5:25, 6:01, 5:40 something

Started with TTB on first round.  5:25, broke up thrusters into 8 and 7.  Jay was unhappy with that.  made me go ub for remaining two round.  Round 2 was horrific.  all over the place with thrusters.  Started with row on that round.  Last round i got my wits about me and started with thrusters.  du in 29/21, ttb ub, fastish pace on row/burpee.  This felt pretty sucky all around.  Thrusters continue to crush me.  

Finisher work:  5 x 5 strict MU with ring thing support, rest 60-90 sec., hold 45 hollow position.  This was brutal!  Ordered ring thing when I got home.  Looking forward to getting better with gymnastics!!!