gymnastics practice:
3 x 4 wall walks
3 sets max reps strict ring dips
20 x 3 tuck ups
20-30 sec false grip holds on rings
Worked with Jon from CFM team
4 min max DL combined
rest 3 min
1 set each of max reps KBS
rest 5 min (roughly)
200m farmers carry 100db/70db
worked on 2 hours of clean and snatch….main focus for me, pulling the bar high with elbows not swinging in front
10 min amrap
30 cal AD
20 burpee over box jump 24 in
30 thrusters
20 burpee over box jump 20 in
jon and I got 1 round plus 25 thrusters of 2nd round….excited to compete with these guys on Sunday!
skipped this today:
1K row
rest 3 minutes
x3 rounds
keep the rows around 80% effort