Here’s yesterday’s strict MU attempt….not quite there but soon!


Gymnastics practice went well today.  I did 1 legless and 1 regular rope climb each round.  That saved my tennis elbow a bit of grief.  I must say, though, that regular rope climbs are a breeze now.  🙂  bonus!  on strict ring dips I went 5/5, then 6/4, then 10 straight.  Making progress here.  1 min of hollow hold sucked beyond belief.  Probably the hardest thing I did today.  😦  Still bowing out my low back on the hs holds with back against the wall.  Need to work more shoulder mobility to do this correctly, I think.
A.  Snatch; complete 7 singles bt. 75-85% of max (85-95)

Snatches were shit today.  Truly.  I had bad sleep b/c our coach didn’t show up to the early class so sleep got interrupted by 3 hours.  definitely played a factor here.  moved the weight down to 75 to get all 7.  booo…..
B.  BS; 85% x 1 rep x 3 sets (188)

Hit all my BS today.  Pretty psyched about that.  Haven’t been this heavy in a long time.  YAY!  Here’s the first and last reps:

C.  EmOM x 5 minutes; 3 thrusters @ 85-95#

My back was pretty smoked today so went with 85 for these.  Forgot to start vid for 1 minute, but have last 4 min here…

Didn’t have time for amrap….going back for this shortly and to work with oly coach on cleans.  🙂
10 minute amrap
5 CTB pull ups
10 double KB thruster, 24#
15 double unders

5 rounds plus 8 reps into 6th round.  All movements done ub minus 1 set of du where I messed up on 8….boooo!

Also had an hour session with my oly coach tonight to fix my clean.  We stayed light and pulled from the high hang only.  He certainly did fix my early pulling and lack of extension.  Let’s see what happens with this week on blocks.  🙂