Today was the first day that I actually felt able to do all the gymnastics warm up stuff to completion (pretty much)!  Success!  Definitely feeling stronger in hs holds against the wall.  3 sets of 30 seconds were not an issue at all.  shoulder touches were ok too.  Here’s a video of those:

A.  Clean – EMOM x 5 sets do 2 TnG reps @ 60-65%

I took vid of all of these at 105.  I noticed that I’m not getting back at all.  Not quite sure what to do about getting behind the bar at full extension.  Catching it in front sucks!  😦

B.  FS @ 60% @ 23×1 x 3 x 5 sets (% is off FS)

All of these at 105.  Took video of 1st and last set.  I worked hard today on keeping elbows up and not dipping them down on the ascent.  I think it’s a bit better today….

C.  14 minute eMOM
odd = 3-5 ring thing MU
even = 2 wall walks

Again, today, huge accomplishment with this emom.  First time getting thru ALL the wall walks for 7 straight rounds.  Each round of MU I did 5.  Tried to focus on pulling to chest, keeping rings in tight and elbows pinned against body.  Here are a couple vids to see progress…

45 sec. sprint @ max
rest 3 minutes