gymnastics work

Today I was ON POINT with gymnastics.  Did 1 legless, 1 reg rope climb each round to give my tendinitis a break again.  Strict ring dips – 10 UB every round….feeling SOLID here.  So psyched!  hollow holds continue to crush me, but I got all 3 rounds at 1 min.  HS holds against the wall, stomach on wall is going great and back against wall I’m starting to drift off the wall for 10-15 seconds at a time….very excited about this!!!!  
A.  Snatch; complete 5 reps @ 70-85%

5 reps at 85 lbs…..still not getting elbows back.  Going to try to go to Oly class tomorrow, if I’m not dead from workout.

B.  Clean pull + clean high pull + Clean (1+1+1) x 5 sets EMOM @ 70%

These felt surprisingly heavier than I would’ve liked (I did 125# for this complex).  I bottomed out on the clean on the 4th min which was frustrating.   My video cut out at 3 min, but got a few rounds in this one…

3 rounds
21 GHD sit ups
21 thrusters, 65#
15 CTB pull ups

15:50….this wod was GROSS!  First round was ok, ub GHD, 12/9 for thrusters, 3 sets of 5 on pull up.  After that it kinda went to shit.  11/10 GHD, 11/5/5 on thrusters, 5/5/5 on CTB.  round 3 – 11/10 GHD, 3 (fell on 4th rep)/4/7/4/3 on thrusters, 6/4/2/1/1/1 on pullups.  ahhhh….my back was SMOKED.  Round 3 was just about survival.  😦  Refueling and going to bed early for tomorrow.