A.1  Strict double kb press x 8 x 3, rest 60 seconds

24 lb each hand….maybe was a little light.  Next time I’ll go up to 35lb.

A.2  DL @ 55% +  thin bands x 10 fast reps x 3 sets, rest 60 seconds

It was challenging to find a band that worked well….had to go down to orange.  Here’s a vid of one set…

A.3  60 sec. armap box jump w/ step down @ 24”, rest 60 seconds

15, 18, 18
B.  Power Snatch x 3 TnG reps EmOm x 7 sets @ 60-70% effort

my oly coach was in the gym so I did these with him watching and correcting form.  He made me do them from the high hang at 55 until I could get them relatively solid.  However, my legs were tired from thrusters yesterday so I was naturally dropping into a squat by the time these videos were taken.  Here’s one at 55, 65, and 75…I may have fallen on the 75 at first.

At this point I was absolutely starving so went out to breakfast and inhaled 2 eggs, corned beef hash, and a tall glass of OJ.  Going back to finish this.  Went to Vitamin Shoppe and got Nutriforce Pre workout and protein powder so I’m in better shape for the rest…stay tuned!
20 minutes
30 cal on rower
60 double unders

rest 5 minutes

20 minutes
10 T2B
15 ring push ups
20 cal on AD

I’m not gonna lie.  I did NOT want to go back to the gym and do these two wods.  But, I thought of my masters partner, Bill Malcomb, at the 321 Throwdown today putting in more work than this so I decided to suck it UP.

WOD 1, 4 rounds plus 21 cals.  1 set of du were SHIT, but started to get in the groove for the remainder.  Just tried to keep it slow and steady.

WOD 2, 5 rounds plus 10 ttb, and 11 ring push ups.  This wod was a mental game for me.  decided to split all ttb and ring push ups in half so I could just keep moving.  that strategy worked well for me and was able to keep technique of hollow position.  Shoulder felt amazingly strong and flexible for ttb…this is new for me.  🙂   Last round had 1 min when I finished AD so hit 10 ttb ub and went 9/2 on pu.  Proud of this push at the end!