gymnastics work

Today was supposed to be strict MU work day, so instead of doing all the progressions (like ring turn overs) I decided to actually do the strict muscle ups.  This is what I did:

15 sec. hold at the bottom of dip on rings x 3

1 strict MU x 3

20 sec. ring support (external rotation)

Failed a couple attempts, but was able to regrip and get all 3 strict mu.  Pretty stoked about that!!!!!  Then I did 10 x 3 of knee tuck ups.  Working on the strict ttb….today I was almost there, but my quads cramped up big time and had to stop.  Next time, I’m up there though!!!

A.  Hip Snatch pull + Hip Snatch (3+1) x 3 sets

Worked at 55 and 65….went pretty well.  As soon as I got up to 75, it was all over.  Here’s my set at 55:

B.  BS; 80% x 2 reps x 4 sets

153, 183, 153, 173

I tried to video myself from a different angle today.  I chose the back.  Maybe this was a bad idea.  My form was alarmingly awful.  I got 1 set at 183, but i just can’t back squat like this anymore.  Brought the weight back down to 155 again and really focus on my mid back which is not tightening up at all in the heavier weights.  The video from the side looked a LOT better at 155 so I went up to 175.  At 175, the first rep didn’t look bad….my head is still visible in front of the plate, but the second rep i lean forward and my face disappears.  I need to work this midback weakness now that I have some more mobility.  Another goal for the future….it’s neverending.  😦

C. 10 minute EmOM
odd = 1 clean + 1 hang clean @ 70%
even = 10 elevated ring rows

This was a challenging combo.  Grip was shot from elevated ring rows so tried to get tall with the cleans.  I thought I was doing that, until I looked at the video.  I’m still doing what I always do.  I sure hope I can fix this….it’s starting to get really frustrating.

8 minute amrap
20 double unders
15 thrusters, 75#
10 box jumps, 20”

I had high hopes for this wod….didn’t go my way at all.  I wanted 3-4 rounds.  I got 2 Plus 20 du, 11 thrusters.  The thrusters just killed me.  First round I got ub du, 10/5 thrusters, 10 ub bj (not rebounding).  2nd round got tripped up 2x on du for some reason.  went 8/7 on thrusters and 10 ub bj.  My legs were burning on bj’s.  3 round got 20 up du, but couldn’t pick up the bar for like 20 seconds.  Tried to do 3 sets of 5, but only got thru 11.  Total disappointment.  thrusters continue to break me down….physically and mentally.  disappointing day after the mu’s.