A.  Clean from pause below knee x 2 x 3 sets.. nothing over 75%… focus on the pull with the elbows and hold the catch for 2 sec. (not over 120)

Working on being patient at the hip and getting full extension.  Felt a little more successful.

B.  Snatch pull from blocks @ knee @ 105% x 4 x 4 sets (120)

These feel great.  not sure why I can’t transfer this to a real snatch.  😦


C.  1/4 FS from blocks @ 120% of clean max x 5 x 4 sets (200)

These felt significantly harder than 170…haha!

12 minutes
8 weighted strict dips @ 20#
21 kb swings @ 35#

5 rounds plus 6 ring dips

As I was warming up to the weighted ring dips, when I got to 20 lbs, i couldn’t do more than 5 without coming off the rings so made the executive decision to do 15lb instead.  You can see my from in the first 3 rounds at the bottom. I ended up doing all KBS ub, but as you’ll see in the video, I am getting much better positioning at the top of the kbs.  The ring dips were as follows:

round 1, 8 ub

round 2, 8 ub

round 3, 8 ub

round 4, 6/2

round 5, 4/4

round 6, 3/2/1

Pretty happy with this volume…..46 weighted ring dips at 15 lbs….I’ll take that!!!