mass mayhem team


gymnastics work

My back was starting to feel pretty tired from that DL/BJ wod, so I did 2 rounds of gymnastics instead of 3.  My shoulder touches were amazing tummy facing.  Also strict slow ring dips felt great.  L-sit I did in half and did half legs straight, half knees tucked.  

A.  Snatch balance + OHS x (1+1) x 4 sets… work on the snatch balance of not allowing your toes to shift out and stress your knee.. when you go to the OHS… 5 sec. lower to point where shoulders don’t internally rotate.. then hold for 5 sec.

Worked very hard at these and took vid from front.  will keep working on these.  Need to get much more depth than this!  I see what you mean about my shoulder internally rotating.  I gotta fix that!

B.  Front Squat @ 85% x 1 rep x 4 sets

Worked up to 145.  My back was really tired at this point, so just tried to focus on staying tight.  Lost my belt at the comp so I didnt have it with me.  Will be ordering a new one.  😦

C.  10 minute EmOM
odd = 1 strict MU
even = 3 Snatch pulls @ 80%.. focus on elbows here

Was pretty fired up about this….even though I was tired and my back was smoked, I was able to hollow out and get all these strict MU with EASE!!!!  It was phenomenal!!!!  Of course, then I got a bit cocky and attempted to and found that I immediately started to kip, so I stopped.  I’m  going to keep giving these a shot….i feel i’m close….so close!
30 thrusters, 65#
70 double unders
20 thrusters, 65#
35 cal AD
10 thrusters, 65#
70 double unders

OK, this wod was not going to happen.  My back just wasn’t going to allow it.  So, I took off my oly shoes and did the cardio portion.  75 DU, 30 cal AD, 75 DU….It took me 7:09.  I got 49 du straight in the first stretch, so progress!