A.  Snatch pull + PS (1+1) x 3 sets @ 70-75% of PS max

Worked at 85 lb for this.  I thought it went well until I looked at the video and saw I was swinging out in front.  old habits die hard!  😦

B.  Power Clean off 2” riser x 2 singles x 3 sets @ 80-85%… stay over the barbell longer here

This was MUCH harder than it seemed.  When I got up to 145, i was ALL OVER THE PLACE.  Pulled it back to 135 and got the following vids.  Let me know what you think of this….

DL @ 125#
calorie row

4:54…I did not think this was going to go well since I just did 21, 15, 9 DL/BJ at 24 inch on Sunday’s comp Finals, but the weight felt light in comparison, so mentally I was able to stay in there.  All UB.

rest 8 minutes

PC @ 75#
calories on AB

5:24….This wod was a smoker on my quads.  I did it all UB, but I couldn’t get my pace on PCl to go any faster.  In my head I was going to fly thru them.  that just wasn’t a complete reality.  Just tried to be steady and ub.