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Saturday 10.4.14 — September 26, 2014

Saturday 10.4.14

A.  Power Clean; 70% x 5, 75% x 2, 80% x 2 x 3 (122, 131, 140)
B.  DL Cluster; 1.1.1 x 3 @ 80%, rest 15 sec., rest 2minutes (240)
C.  Handstand walk – complete 100 ft. for time
2K row TT
Friday 10.3.14 —

Friday 10.3.14

gymnastics work
A.  Snatch; working bt. 75-85% for 8 total reps (86-98)
snatches felt great so went for a PR….got 120!  woot woot!!!
B.  BN power jerk + frt rack power jerk 75% (1+1) x 4 sets (100)
These are feeling better and better.
C.  Front Squat @ 65% of BS; x 4 reps @ 23×1 (150), 70% of BS; 23×1 x 1 rep x 4 sets  (160)
Did not do these.
3 rounds – getting faster each time
400m run (subbing AD for running due to chiro recommendations)
21 thrusters, 55#
15 pull ups
rest 2 minutes bt. rounds
Somehow managed to do this wod….not sure how.  i was pretty wiped when I started.
round 1: 4:23
round 2: 4:19
round 3: 3:59!!!  🙂
Thursday 10.2.14 —
Wednesday 10.1.14 —

Wednesday 10.1.14

gymnastics work
max effort:
strict mu….1
kipping CTB….couldn’t pull today….going to retest in a couple days
strict ring dips…..17
HS Walk distance….8….going to retest on saturday
push ups…..35
tuck planche holds (horizontal back)….couldn’t do!  😦
A.  Snatch grip push press + snatch balance (3+1) x 4 sets
B.  BS; 85% x 2 reps x 4 sets (195)
C.  kipping MU work – for this you will not attempt a MU.. just do the hollow swing to pull.. work on the timing x 10 x 3
D.  Clean lift off to above knee – pause for 2 sec. @ knee x 3 x 3 sets
Tuesday 9.30.14 —

Tuesday 9.30.14

A.  Power Clean + hang squat clean – 70-75% of clean every 90 seconds x 6 (115-125)
B.  Snatch lift off to above knee x 5 x 3  @ 85%
24 minutes on the clock – top of every 6 minutes complete the following 4 minute am rap
400m run
10 TnG C&J @ 95#
10 burpees over the barbell
amrap meters on rower
Monday 9.29.14 —

Monday 9.29.14

Gymanstics work TEST WEEK…..eeeekkkkk!
2 rounds of max set…
Parallel bar dips (don’t have parallel bars so moved on to Lsit since ring dips are coming next session)
L-sits….20 seconds
ring support holds…..25 seconds
strict pull ups….7
strict HSPU….3
hollow rocks…..50
arch rocks with towel hold….8
A.  Snatch grip push press + OHS (3+1) x 5 sets.. hold bottom position for 5 seconds
worked up to 65 lbs on this.  my back is definitely more tight at 5:30am.  makes this more challenging.
B.  Snatch; (3 sec. tempo pull to above knee) + snatch from above knee…build to 70% then hit 75% normal snatch x 2 x 3
worked up to 90 lbs in snatch.  warm up felt good to get me ready.  Still pulling foot out.  Not sure I can stop doing that.  😦
PM session:
C.1  FS @ 75% @ 23×1 tempo x 2 x 4 sets, rest 60 seconds
These felt really good today.  I felt upright and my elbows felt higher.  kinda exciting…
C.2  CtB pull ups x 10 reps x 4 sets, rest 2 minutes
I was over rotating on these until I started to keep my legs tight and in hollow hold.  
*rest time – take care of your ankles, and hips here before next FS set and some crossover symmetry work
10 minute amrap
30 double unders
20 wall balls, 16#
10 T2B
3 rounds plus 30 du, 13 wall balls…It was pretty late when I started this wod.  Wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but my DU felt great (finally starting to click) and my ttb were ub.  split wb’s in half each round except the last when I just did sets of 5/5/3.  Wanted 4 rounds on this one, but didn’t quite make it.  Got pretty freakin’ close though.  🙂
Saturday 9.27.14 — September 22, 2014

Saturday 9.27.14

A.  Power Clean; 65% x 5 (110), 70% x 3 (115), 75% x 2 x 3 (125)
Did all these tng until I dropped the 125 lb bar onto the top of my knees.  decided to drop at the top for the rest of these and worked on not bringing my legs out wide, but dropping under it instead.  still need to work on this a bit.
B.  Santch grip RDL x 5 x 3 @ 85%
100 x 5…completed
C.  handstand walk work – 20 ft. x 5 sets
feeling more and more confident in these.  Trying to work on speed and regaining composure when going too fast. One pass got 16 feet before falling.  Making my way toward my goal of 1/2 the turf  distance….30 feet.
1K row TT
3:53.0….This was rough today.  I actually started and stopped when I had 380 meters left because my arms were burning badly.   Decided that a DNF was just not acceptable so had an endurox (sugar) shake, waited 15 min and attempted this again without the strategy of smashing my previous PR, but rather giving it my best for where I am today after a HARD ass week of training.  Results were 9 sec off my current PR, but not a DNF!
Friday 9.26.14 —

Friday 9.26.14

gymnastics work
gymanstics work today was a complete disaster.  I could not get the tuck at the bottom of ring HSPU AT ALL.  just kept flipping over the rings.  also didn’t understand the ring thing back rolls, but just watched amanda allen do it on instagram so now understand what I was doing incorrectly.  Going to give that a go again. 
A.  Snatch; working bt. 70-80% for 6-8 total reps
Did this in garage gym this am.  Got ALL my snatches up to 90 lbs (with one miss behind me you’ll see)  pretty stoked!
B.  BN power jerk + frt rack power jerk; 65% (2+2) x 4 sets
feeling a lot stronger in this movement also.  starting to see the benefits in my oh positioning in snatches.
C.  Front Squat @ 53×1 tempo x 3 reps x 4 sets @ 60-65% of BS
Went back to box to do this.  not feeling up for heavy weight AT ALL.  went 95, 115, 135 for weight.  not amazing, but at least hit some heavy-ish work
pull ups
cal AB
double unders x 2
8:17 on this…started with doing 1/2 butterfly/ 1/2 kipping.  finished last round ub butterfly.  slowish on AD, but feeling good on DU.  much more relaxed and upright.  making progress a little at a time.  🙂
Thursday 9.25.14 —
Wednesday 9.24.14 —

Wednesday 9.24.14

I found this video made by a gymnast to train front uprise/mu in mens gymnastics.  I’m going to incorporate some of this into my routine.
gymnastics work
Got a spotter to do 3 strict mu together.  then waited and did one myself.  I was only able to do this for 2 full rounds, after that I was spent.  I decided to move on to bar mu and I had nothing left for those either.  Started to get super annoyed, but gil talked me off the ledge by reminding me how hard I went yesterday.  My forearms were a bit shot from all the pulling.  Did a set of 7 strict ttb, then 5 and 5.  Felt super tired so went on to the wod. 
A.  Snatch Balance – building over 8 minutes Skipped b/c of glute 
B.  BS; 83% x 3 reps x 4 sets skipped b/c of glute
C.  Kipping hollow swing on rings.. simulate the proper mu swing into a pull.. but don’t try to pull over yet.. x 10 swings x 3 sets
Did these after the wod, so was a bit tired, but wanted to get some vid for you.  Here’s a couple clips….2nd one is better, I think!
3 rounds @ 80-85% effort here
400m row
15 kb swings, 35#
15 wall balls, 14#
10 T2B
35 double unders
rest 3 minutes bt. rounds
5:18, 5:15, 4:33….Did all movements ub, but moved slowly between stations.  Rowed a 2:05 pace.  snatched all kbs to save my glute.  did wod in my reebok sprints, so wb were a challenge, but made it work.  TTB ub. du were icky for first round, but got the hang of it once I got more tired.  when I’m tired I relax much more.