gymnastics work
3 rounds x 5 stations:
Ring back off drills (hips high to rings before drop) x 5
maltese push ups x 20
partner SHSPU x 7
strict ttb x 10
standing knee bends 15/side
Was able to complete 3 rounds of gymnastics practice today (YAY) and was able to do the strict TTB for the FIRST time ever.  all 30 of them!!!!!!  woot woot  Finally figured out the maltese push ups, but could only do 10 each round.  Was weak on HSPU today…did sets of 3.
A.  Snatch; 80%  (90) x 1 x 4
Was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to hit this number, but got all 4 reps.  Still turning my foot out and internally rotating, but continuing to work mobility beforehand to help with this.  
B.  C&J; 80% x 1 rep on the 50 seconds x 4 (128)
This weight felt pretty light, except when I didn’t extend my hip in the clean.  Jerks felt ok….still want to get my shoulder back more.
C.  10 minute Emom
odd = 3 BS @ 23×1 tempo @ 60% (138)
even = 1 strict MU
I was pretty tired by the time I got to this….BUT, was able to get 3 rounds with sweet strict mu.  After that, i was just too smoked and I had no pull left.  Had to leave the mu alone.  Didn’t want to push it and hurt myself.  However, that left me DEAD for the wod.  I’m going to run to gym tomorrow and finish it.
7 minute amrap
5 CtB pull ups
35 double unders