gymnastics work
worked on Week 11 since I didn’t get thru most of it last week.  Did 2 rounds b/c I went in this am.  only had time for 2.  Used 10 lbs KB for weighted strict dips x 5.  5th was really hard.  Got 3 and then 1 for strict HSPU.  Felt like I should’ve gone for 5 first round….pretty close to being able to do that.  
A.  Snatch grip push press + OHS (4+1).. OHS tempo is 55×1 …focus on feet and shoulders *build upon last week and watch your OH positioning here
Worked with 55 and it felt good.  I felt more upright than before.  65, however, was a shit show.  thinking I should stay a bit lighter and really work on that thoracic more.  See vids below:
B.  Front Squat; 80% x 5 reps x 3 sets
Didn’t have time to finish this am b/c I forgot my clothes for work, so had to go home.  Went back at night after my daughters soccer practice.  I was dragging by this time.  worked up to 125.  Kinda bummed about my elbows coming down, but after analyzing i realize Im not bringing my elbows down.  My elbows are not every changing their position.  It’s that my butt is coming back thus pulling elbows down.  Not sure how to fix.  😦
CTB pull ups
hang squat clean @ 75#
13:33:  ok, this was rough.  I started coughing immediately.  Not necessarily a bad thing, but was hard to not quit.   Last CTB to 4 attempts to hit my chest.  ugh….I hope this get better soon!