gymnastics work
Was pretty nervous about these couplets.  
5 strict CTB/25 push ups on ball…. I still can not get strict CTB so I started to use a band to do a tough pull down with a green band.  This seems to be working to help with the last little small stabilizers that are required to pull myself up that last inch. did 15 strict push ups on the ball with tight hollow position and was careful not to bounce.  TOUGH!
3 kipping mu/inch worms with hollow hold….  Did 2 rounds of 3 strict MU/5 inch worms.  I started failing on mu so moved on after 2 rounds.  I’m surprised I was able to do any after being so sick for so long, so I’m fairly happy with this outcome.
45 sec. L sit/max HS walk…I could only hold the l sit for 30 seconds and did make a little progress on hswalks.  Was able to get about 5 steps on HS each round.  yay…coming along!!!
A.  Snatch; ground + below knee (2+1) x 4 sets @ 65%.. off feel here
worked at 75 lbs here.  they felt relatively good, but my feet are still coming out very wide.  Felt more stable, however, in the shoulders. 
B.  BS;70% x 5 reps x 4 sets
Was able to hit my numbers for all 4 sets.  160 x 5 x 4…..pretty stoked about that since still not feeling 100%
C.  10 minute EmOM
odd = 4 cleans from pause above knee
even = 10 horizontal ring pull throughs
I worked the cleans at 95 (knees were definitely achey from being sick) and did 10 pull thru’s each round.