gymnastics work
didn’t do this so I could save strength for mu.  I guess that was a bad idea since I got ZERO mu!  😦
A.  Snatch; ground + below knee (2+1) x 5 sets @ 60% (70)
these felt fine, but wasn’t opening hip all the way.  grrr…
B.  BS; 80% x 2 reps x 4 sets (184)
weight felt super heavy today.  failed on second rep at 183, so took of 10 lbs for all the rest of the sets.  my back was a bit smoked from pause squats yesterday.
C.  E2MOTM = 1 kipping mU x 10 reps
This was an epic failure.  I was all over the place.  Not sure what to do about this.  I think I need some progressions….  😦
50 sec. AB sprint @ max effort
rest 5 minutes
Well this was super NOT fun!  Tried 4 different strategies for my team.  Here’s what I got:
1st round, 50 sec. all out:  33 cals
2nd round, 15 sec on, 15 sec recover, 20 sec. on:  26 cals
3rd round, 50 sec all out:  26 cals
4th round, 10 sec on, 10 sec recovery, 10 sec on, 10 sec recover, 10 sec. on:  22 cals
Lord knows which strategy is best….debbie downer tonight!