gymnastics work
gymanstics work today was a complete disaster.  I could not get the tuck at the bottom of ring HSPU AT ALL.  just kept flipping over the rings.  also didn’t understand the ring thing back rolls, but just watched amanda allen do it on instagram so now understand what I was doing incorrectly.  Going to give that a go again. 
A.  Snatch; working bt. 70-80% for 6-8 total reps
Did this in garage gym this am.  Got ALL my snatches up to 90 lbs (with one miss behind me you’ll see)  pretty stoked!
B.  BN power jerk + frt rack power jerk; 65% (2+2) x 4 sets
feeling a lot stronger in this movement also.  starting to see the benefits in my oh positioning in snatches.
C.  Front Squat @ 53×1 tempo x 3 reps x 4 sets @ 60-65% of BS
Went back to box to do this.  not feeling up for heavy weight AT ALL.  went 95, 115, 135 for weight.  not amazing, but at least hit some heavy-ish work
pull ups
cal AB
double unders x 2
8:17 on this…started with doing 1/2 butterfly/ 1/2 kipping.  finished last round ub butterfly.  slowish on AD, but feeling good on DU.  much more relaxed and upright.  making progress a little at a time.  🙂