A.  Hang Power Clean – build to a tough single
Worked up to a very ugly 155 which I thought was 145, so was happy to find out that I added incorrectly!  🙂  But, need to fix this form before the complex at Milford Comp next month!
B.  Snatch lift off to below knee + above knee (1+1) x 3 sets @ 85%
worked at 100 here.  Felt good…
20 minutes on the clock – on the top of every 5 minutes
200m run
15 TnG Power Cleans @ 95#
5-7  strict ring dips
250m row
Had the pleasure of doing this with Sam…YAY…a friend to wod with today.  🙂
3:05, 15 ub tng pwr cleans
3:16,  15 ub pcl
3:33, split cl into 8/7
3:40, split cl into 9/6
Tough wod….glad I had someone to push me.  Unfortunately, pulled my pirformis/glute.  argh!