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Friday 10.31.14 — October 27, 2014

Friday 10.31.14

Gymnastics work (30 minute cap)
worked on mu with a band like rachel asked me to do.  Trying to get rid of the early arm bend.  Here are a couple vids so you can see that I’m finally starting to get more confidence in it, but honestly, my arms just want to help b/c I don’t trust that I can get up there without them.

A.  Snatch; 70% x 3 (84), 75% x 3,(90) 80% x 2 (95), 85% x 1 (102)(all singles here)
85 x 3, 90 x 3, 95 x 2, 102 x 1….completed…No failures!!!
My phone was out of memory and my go pro died so I didn’t get much vid of these, but I can tell you this…i FELT AMAZING on snatches today.  The one at 102 was so great, but my husbands camera did something weird and cut out the pull.  but, it was pretty great.
B.  FS; 82-85% x 2 reps x 5 sets – get out of whole quick (140 – 148)
125 x 2, 145 x 2 x 4 sets….these felt great…heavy, but solid!
10 minute amrap @ 80%
8 pull ups
6 squat cleans @ 95#
30 double unders
3 + 9
In order to cut myself some slack on double unders I decided to use nanos for this wod.  This made the squat cleans pretty f’in hard.  It took me like 3 just to find my balance, then i had to single them all.  On the bright side, I kept super tight hollow body for kipping pu…definitely felt a difference in the spring effect of the back of kip.  Very cool.  unfortunately didn’t get many rounds.  
rest 5 minutes
5 minute amrap @ 90%
1 rope climb
10 wall balls, 15#
10 box jumps, 20” w/ step down
2 + 7
This wod slapped me in the face!  We only have a small 15 lb ball which is fine, but I was wearing regular nanos and have only recently figured out my balance with the big wb’s.  This little one is completely different and I fell on my ass at least 4 x.  SOOOOO… frustrating!  😦
rest 5 minutes
2 minute amrap @ 95-100% effort
100m row
burpees over the erg
My daughter was waiting to go trick or treating so I needed to hurry this one thru.  I waited 3 minutes from last wod and went for it.  I got 22 burpees, but MAN, my legs were burning.  I guess the wait time would’ve helped.  


Wednesday 10.29.14 —

Wednesday 10.29.14

worked for 20 min on ankle, hip, shoulder, and t spine mobility before starting today.  watched dan popes videos.  hoping they work!!
gymnastics work
Worked on ring pull ups 5 reps x 3, CTB pull downs with green band 10 x 3 sets, and 1 set of weighted ring thing mu wiht 35 lb kb.  These didn’t go well.  not sure why.  I think I need to get back some of my strict mu strength again. 
A.  BN power jerk @ 70% x 3, 75% x 2, 80% x 1, 85% x 1, 70% x 3
95 x 3, 115 x 2, 125 x 1, 135 x 1 x 2 sets (side and back view).  I have never really worked up this high before.  Haven’t been super confident in this movement.  Felt light today though, even up to 85%.  This is promising.   
B.  C&J *grace style; 3 TnG reps on the 90 seconds x 5 sets -= building + 10 double unders after each set
my clavicle is still hurting from this weekend so bringing the weight down in front rack felt awful.  I did 75, 85, and then 3 sets at 95, but dropped it at the top after a while.  felt awful.
4 rounds @ 80% effort.. keep same routine and keep times around the same
15 cal on rower
15 thrusters, 75#
15 kb swings, 35#
15 ghd sit ups
15 cal on AD
rest 3 minutes bt. rounds
This went horribly.  I couldn’t do thrusters at all.  even with db’s, so did 2 rounds and called it quits.  Sorry!  I’m still not recovered from last weekend.  
Tuesday 10.28.14 —

Tuesday 10.28.14

gymnastics work (30 minute cap)
Worked mobility on ankles, squat, and t spine for a while then did the following:
2 strict HSPU, 3o seconds hollow hold x 3 rounds
MU drills learned from Colin this weekend, tap swings, swings with a pull 5 x 3 sets, and hollow hold band pull downs
A.  Front Squat; 65% @ 23×1 x 3 reps x 4 sets
Man, i am still sore….but it felt good to move.  I only did 3 sets….my back was just smoked.
B.  Snatch pull under x 3 x 5 sets *for the first 2 reps I want yo to catch high and ride down and then catch the third rep low
I just couldn’t get my upper body to cooperate with these today, so moved on to AD.
15 minutes on AD
30 sec. @ 80%
30 sec. @ 50%
these were slow but got it done.
Sunday 10.26.14 —

Sunday 10.26.14

Day 2 Athletes Camp

WOD 1: 21, 15, 9 c&j at 65lb with 500m row in between:  9:46

Was able to do 21 and 9 ub.  Went out a little fast on the 15s and had to split in half, but got right on the rower and kept a 2:04ish pace.  Wasn’t last on this wod….felt good!


WOD 2: 15 min cap, 50 KBS 53#, 20 stoh (95), 20 pu, 50 bj, 30 SA db sn, 30 burpee, 50 wb.  Got to 23 burpees in time cap.  This wod was awful, but just kept chipping away at it.

Saturday 10.25.14 — October 26, 2014

Saturday 10.25.14

milford compDay 1 Athletes Camp

wod 1:

2 rep max snatch – 99 (had 104 for 1)

3 rep max split jerk – 155 (PR)

2 mile run TT – 17:15 (holy hell, that was awful)

wod 2:

max reps in 3 min of squat clean at 75% (125) – 10

max reps in 3 min of power clean at 90% (155) – 11

max strict pu – 19

max shsup – 9 (PR)

wasn’t thrilled with these numbers for today.  Maybe I should’ve taken yesterday off.  Trying to keep my chin up that I’m at the bottom.  Hard to do, however, when the numbers are on the white board.  Let’s hope I can recover a little for day 2.  Let’s all say a prayer for no thrusters.  😦

Friday 10.24.14 — October 23, 2014

Friday 10.24.14

Gymnastics work
skipped this in prep for camp weekend!  🙂
A.  Snatch; 65% x 4, 70% x 3, 75% x 3, 80% x 2, 85% x 1, 70% x 3 (these are all singles here)
75 x 4, 85 x3, 90 x 3, 95 x 2, 100 x 1, 85 x 3 singles.  Not going to lie, these didn’t start out so great, but they got better as I went.  I seem to have better form when it’s heavier.  When it’s light, I grip for dear life and dump in front.  Kinda frustrating!  Here’s vid of 95 and 100…
B.  BN strict press + frt rack strict press (3+2) x 3 sets
these were a challenge, went light….65, 75, 80
C.  BS; 80% x 5 reps x 3 sets
This weight was impossible for me today.  I was great at 165, but 185 was just too much.  I got 2 and then dumped it.  Went back down to 165 and did 4 reps…dumped on the 5th.  Decided to move on.  I did feel rather upright on my BS today….check out the video:
Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
10 GHD sit-ups
15 push-ups
10 T2B
30 squats
This wod was spicy!  I liked it!  I got 3 rounds plus GHD, PU, TTB and 6 air squats.  Everything was UB except last round pushups which I had to split into 5/5/5.  I was moving pretty fast, so kinda happy about that.  
Wednesday 10.22.14 — October 21, 2014

Wednesday 10.22.14

A.  BN power jerk x 3 x 3 sets @ 75%
85, 105, 120…Worked up to 120 on the last set.  First two felt great.  last one was shaky.  
B.  Snatch pull under x 3 x 5 sets.. go off feel here
I can’t say much besides I have serious issues with this movement.  I can’t seem to get under the bar without a little dip in the beginning.  No matter how fast I move or how light I make the weight, i still can’t seem to do this well.
C. 10 minute eMOM
odd = 5 RDL @ 80% of clean @ 31×1 tempo at 130
even – 3 negative ring dips 5 sec down, 5 sec hold at bottom
The negative slow dips were BRUTAL!
7 rounds for time
7 power cleans @ 105
15 wall balls, 16#
rest 1 minute bt. reach round
This wod was TOUGH!!!
7 rounds in 15:17.  All pwr cleans were ub every round and first 4 rounds of wb were ub.  Next 3 rounds wb’s were 9/6, 10/5, 8/7
Tuesday 10.21.14 —

Tuesday 10.21.14

gymnastics work from yesterday if you didn’t do it.. if you did then just skip this part
1. HSPU strict (max x 3)…Was able to do 3 strict to a thin abmat.   
2. Weighted dips (7×3)…20 lb KB
3.  hollow rocks (35 x 3)…done
4. max stomach HS Hold x 3….30 sec, 30 sec…did one back facing to work on hollow position….40 seconds
A.  Muscle Snatch + Muscle Snatch from above knee (1+4) x 3 sets
Bar for 3 rounds then 55 lbs….was not really pulling through the elbows at all.  Noticed this on the video.  Gotta work on this.
B.  C&J; 70% x 1 rep on the 50 seconds x 5, 1 rep @ 75% on the 60 seconds x 5
Everything felt really fatigued today, so I scaled back and did power cleans at 115. The jerk didn’t feel great at all.   Back is really tired and my foot is still hurting a bit.  Switched to power jerks….did 5 reps at 115 and called it on this one.
C.  10 minute EmOM
odd = 2 Front squat @ 70% – 1st rep is with a 3 sec. pause, 2nd rep is normal
even = 35 double unders
Front squats felt super heavy too, so moved it back down to 95.  Also, doing DU in my oly shoes was a no go…too much added weight to my legs, so I threw my nanos on and just did it.  The FS were fine and the du were a LOT better.  
8 minute amrap
CTB pull ups
calories on AD x 2
I didn’t have any pull, so did this wod with regular butterfly pullups.  Got through 2 complete rounds of 8, 6, 4, 2 pu & 16, 12, 8, 4 cals on the AD in 8:21!  I’ll take it.  🙂
Thursday 10.16.14 — October 16, 2014
Wednesday 10.15.14 — October 14, 2014

Wednesday 10.15.14

gymnastics work

Worked on transition of MU, but then ripped my wrist a little so decided not to push that today.
A.  Snatch squat press x 3 x 3.. raise your heels up more if you have to.. hold each rep for 3 sec. OH focus on shoulder positioning

Sotts press is probably the MOST challenging movement for me ever.  I took your advice and stood on 10lb plates.  that helped tremendously.  Here’s a couple video…

B.  BS; 80% x 3-4 reps x 4 sets

135, 155, 175 x 3, 180 x1….Haven’t done any heavy BS in a while, so was pretty surprised I could get up to 180!

C.  Snatch grip RDL to just below knee x 4 reps x 3 set @ 42×1 tempo

Worked these at 95 lb.  felt it seriously in the hammies!!