A.  Power Clean off blocks @ knee @ 80% x 3 single x 3 sets
OK, I’m going to say it.  I’m a retard when it comes to blocks.  I just feel awful when I don’ t have momentum from the ground.  😦  I worked up to 145 and just couldn’t get it.  Then went down to 135.  got it but sucked pretty badly.  went down again to try and get under the bar.  so awful…
B.  Snatch grip Dl @ 110% of snatch x 3 x 4 sets
Did these at 130.  Felt fine.
4K row
increasing intensity every 1K to 90% effort for final

oooo nelly…this kinda sucked by the 3rd 1k.  Started real slow, 2:15-2:17 pace, then picked it up to 2:10 pace.  3rd 1k kept a 2:05 pace, then did the best I could to keep a 1:58-2:02 for last 1k.  I was breathing heavy!  Tough workout.  Glad tomorrow is a rest day!